FSSAI certifies 500 Hospitals across the nation as ‘Eat Right Campus’

FSSAI certifies 500 Hospitals across the nation as ‘Eat Right Campus’
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More than 500 hospitals across the country have been certified as ‘Eat Right Campus’ by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). This initiative focuses on creating safe, healthy and sustainable food environments within various institutions and workplaces, including hospitals as part of FSSAI’s Eat Right India movement. The achievement signifies a paradigm shift within the healthcare industry, prioritizing not just medical care and recognizing the crucial role of healthy food choices in promoting well-being of staff and visitors.

Among these certified Hospitals and Medical colleges, a noteworthy 100 are government hospitals, which are leading by example and ensuring accessibility to safe and nutritious food for all. This widespread adoption of the "Eat Right Campus" initiative demonstrates the collective commitment of hospitals toward enhanced food safety and sustainable practices for the well-being of their staff and visitors.

Also leading the change are institutions like SNM Hospital Leh, Bangalore Baptist Hospital and Mumbai’s Breach Candy Hospital and Tata Memorial Hospital, which have embraced the initiative. From the national capital region, which boasts of names like Delhi’s Fortis Hospital, BLK Max Hospital and Lok Nayak Hospital to the Kalimpong Hospital in Darjeeling, West Bengal and the District Women's Hospital in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh to more than 50 Sadar/District hospitals across the country, the recognition of being certified as Eat Right Campus represents the commitment towards food safety across diverse geographies.

FSSAI has established rigorous criteria and a comprehensive evaluation process for the ‘Eat Right Campus’ certification programme under Eat Right India movement, which was started in 2019 as a large-scale effort to transform the country’s food ecosystem to ensure safe, healthy and sustainable food for all Indians.

Hospitals undergo thorough audits to ensure compliance with four key parameters, which include food safety measures, steps to ensure the provision of healthy food and efforts to raise awareness among individuals to make informed food choices.

FSSAI, spearheading the nationwide ‘Eat Right India’ movement, is making significant strides in promoting healthy eating habits among workplaces through its ‘Eat Right Campus’ initiative. More than 2,900 workplaces across the country are now recognized as Eat Right Campuses, transforming the lives of thousands of people working in these campuses.

The initiative not only elevates the stature and public perception of the certified campuses but also serve as an inspiration for others to adopt similar best practices and showcase their commitment to employee health and well-being.

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