Precia Molen showcases high-speed filling & checkweigher machines at Pac MechEx 2022

Barrington Pereira, vice president, Precia Molen
Barrington Pereira, vice president, Precia Molen

Precia Molen, from design to after-sales service, can provide comprehensive weighing solutions for all activity sectors. Its design and engineering teams continue to build on more than 50 years of expertise while maintaining the fundamental PRECIA-MOLEN philosophy of development and stability, innovation, and reliability.

Barrington Pereira, vice president, Precia Molen, said, “We listen to our customer’s needs. As their businesses develop and requirements change, so we design and deliver new products to meet the challenges presented to us. This is a business synergy we strive to maintain and enhance.”

The Precia Molen Group has always taken customer satisfaction to heart. “We attach huge importance to R&D. Our products are constantly evolving to follow technological changes which is also the key to our wide range of solutions dedicated to industrial and commercial static weighing as well as continuous weighing and dosing. Benefit from our constructor experience.”

Talking about the display at the exhibition, Barrington said, “From high-speed filling machines which can extend to the filling speed of 120 bottles per minute to high-speed checkweigher which can deliver up to 200 packs per minute. We offer our expertise, skills, and advice to serve our customers and provide them with high-quality products and support.”

Barrington further added, “We’ve come here to share our expertise to all as we now customize electronics which we can be accessed by remote from the ease of sitting in your office which can also support the customers to view the calibrations of these services. We offer tailor-made solutions, to fully integrate our products into your infrastructure. In this way, we avoid the constraints related to the implementation of our weighing solutions. And lastly, we offer a dedicated 24x7 service team that can provide support to the customer whenever required.

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