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Target Innovations at Snack & BakeTec
Target Innovations at Snack & BakeTec

Target Innovations is an established company with successful business alliances with reputed groups all over the globe. It is a manufacturing company specializing in the design, engineering, and production of metal detectors and other product inspection systems with 4 offices across the country and also presently exports to around 35 countries across the nation.

Rajesh Gopinath, owner, Target Innovations, said, “We are a 15-plus-year-old company and we are into end-to-end solutions for packaging industries. Initially, we dealt with machines that were metal detectors and inspection machines. But for the last four years, we have diversified into packaging lines to gather the needs of the packaging industry is concerned. And we have different applications-wise machines for different custom-made and tailor-made products.

Speaking about their experience at the Snack & BakeTec, Pac MechEx exhibition, Gopinath said, “The footfall has been great, it gives us a platform as we as a company are always committed to improving upon the packaging standards which have been possible with strong research and development (R &D) facilities. In addition to various packaging machinery, we have recently developed a complete can filling and packaging line which starts from the deep validations till the truck loading. So, we do the full solutions for the customer which can gather up to 200 Cans per minute.”

Target Innovations manufacturing unit is equipped with high technology machinery and mechanics as well as mechanization, which is capable of coping with all kinds of heavy workloads and is currently in the business of manufacturing the packaging machinery.

We are a one-stop solution for all your packaging needs and coming to an exhibition like these helps all us various players in the industry interact and exchange ideas and technologies to grow further as well,” added Gopinath.

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