BUCHI India displayed R&D and quality control solutions at IIDE 2022

After massive success in the pharmaceutical industry, BUCHI India displays what they have to offer to the dairy industry
Manish Thakur, business development manager, India & South Asia, BUCHI India at IIDE 2022

Manish Thakur, business development manager, India & South Asia, BUCHI India at IIDE 2022

BUCHI India, a Swiss company, has been a leading solution provider in laboratory technology for R&D, quality control, and production worldwide for more than 80 years. The company caters to various industries, including pharma, chemicals, food and beverage, and others.

The company’s solutions for laboratory, industrial and parallel evaporation, spray drying, melting point, preparative chromatography, extraction, distillation & digestion, and near-infrared spectroscopy meet the highest needs of its demanding customers around the globe. Manish Thakur, business development manager, India & South Asia, BUCHI India, says, “The products such as the extraction systems, the Kjeldahl equipment which determines protein contents in the dairy products, the NIR systems which determine the fat and moisture content are very relevant and useful in the dairy industry. These systems provide rapid results compared to the past technology.”

He adds, “R&D is directed towards making constant improvements and change, giving them core advantages of new and improved products. The efficiency and time taken for the processes have significantly reduced with BUCHI’s efforts in R&D. We constantly strive to bring change in the equipment to help increase efficiency.”

BUCHI has been a part of the India International Dairy Expo multiple times and hopes to continue taking part. They look forward to IIDE aiding in internal CRM and increasing the contacts from the dairy industry. “The company has already been extremely successful in the pharma industry and through IIDE hopes to display that Buchi has so much more to offer in the food processing space.”

According to Thakur, the footfall was really good during the three-day expo. The company displayed many interesting products at stall A 24 at IIDE, three years after their previous stint.

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