IndiFOSS displays state of the art products offering analytical solutions for the food, milk & dairy products at IIDE

Visit Stall No D19 to explore analytical solutions for the food, milk and dairy products
IndiFOSS displays state of the art products offering analytical solutions for the food, milk & dairy products at IIDE

Chandrajitsinh Gohil, Vice President of Sales and Operations, IndiFOSS

Founded in 2013 as an associate of FOSS, Denmark, IndiFOSS offers analytical solutions to produce safer food products in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Their analytical solutions have helped Indian dairy & food manufacturers control, manage and ensure better profitability and food safety.

IndiFOSS represents the world’s leading manufacturers of Food and Dairy Analytical solutions like Foss-Denmark, Bioeasy-PRC and Generon S.p.A-Italy. It offers solutions to monitor raw & processed milk and milk products, animal feed, fruits & vegetables and honey with globally approved technologies such as FTIR, Flow Cytometry, NIR, Lateral Flow Assay, ELISA and Real-Time PCR. IndiFOSS analytical solutions offers products to screen the presence of the natural constituents of the food products along with unwanted adulterants, bacteria & somatic cell, antibiotics, aflatoxin & mycotoxins, pesticides, food pathogen & virus, food allergens, food fraud and GMO testing.

IndiFOSS solutions from FOSS, Denmark, are available for all types and sizes of dairy production: from efficient laboratory instruments for smaller dairies to state-of-the-art multi-parameter technological analysis using Near-Infrared Technology (NIR) and Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR).

IndiFOSS Dairy solutions can test for fat, protein, lactose, total solids, solids-non-fat, casein, urea, density, freezing point depression, sucrose, fructose, glucose, galactose, total sugar, lactic sugar, lactic acid, citric acids, free fatty acids, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, salt, moisture and screening for abnormal milk (untargeted and target adulterants).

IndiFOSS at IIDE 2022

At India International Dairy Expo (IIDE) 2022, IndiFOSS is displaying their analytical and screening products from FOSS, Bioeasy and Generon product verticals. It includes MilkoScreen, MilkoScan FT3, FoodScan 2, BacSomatic, MilkoScan Mars, Bioeasy rapid test kits, and Generon RT-PCR test kits.

Chandrajitsinh Gohil, Vice President of Sales and Operations, IndiFOSS, talks about the expectations from IIDE, “Though we did adapt to the requirements of the new normal, the Indian diaspora has always been high on EQ. The personal connect, hands-on experience of feeling the product and hosting our business partners in person has been an important aspect of our organizational outlook. IIDE provides a platform to re-iterate all these and more”

IndiFOSS invites every individual or participant who is even remotely connected to the food, milk and dairy industry in any way to come to get exposed to the latest technology displayed at their Stall No D19 and Hall No 1 from 13 to 15 April at Bombay Exhibition Centre (NESCO), Mumbai.

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