Konfluid Engineers displayed new & innovative instruments to optimize production lines at IIDE 2022

Dhruv Solanki, Proprietor, Konfluid Engineers

Dhruv Solanki, Proprietor, Konfluid Engineers

Ahmedabad-based KonFluid Engineers offers high-quality industrial flow meters, rotameters, oil analyzers, manometers, pressure transmitters, turbidity sensors and pneumatics. The company represents a couple of European companies in India, like Finland-based Satron Instruments. At India International Dairy Expo (IIDE), the company displayed Satron Turbidity Analyzer.

The dairy industry uses clean-in-place (CIP) systems in plants that process milk and produce yogurt, ice cream, and other milk-based products. Clean-in-place systems typically use a combination of timed cycles and turbidity sensors for system cleaning, a process that is often unnecessarily inefficient.

The turbidity analyzer is crucial for the dairy industry as it helps optimize CIP lines. Further, leakage detection, phase transition, etc are just some other applications where turbidity analyzers are used.

Konfluid also kept a new sensor on display at IIDE, which helps monitor the turbidity of water to cream. Speaking about the flow meters kept on display, Dhruv Solanki, Proprietor, Konfluid Engineers, informed, “Flowmeters help measure the flow of gases and liquids. These are equally important in the dairy industry. These products help increase the efficiency of production in industries including dairy.”

According to Solanki, the quality of the finished dairy products can be improved multifold with the help of these instruments. This helps to increase buyers’ faith in the company’s products. Prabhat Dairy, Creamy food, Namaste India, Ashtavinayaka Technocrafts etc. are some of the clients Konfluid Engineers have on board with them.

While sharing his experience at IIDE, he said, “We are exhibiting second time at India International Dairy Expo (IIDE) 2022. We liked the quality of visitors that come in because that is most important for B2B companies. Not the quantity. The footfall looked good right from day one during the initial hours of the event and it only kept growing. Konfluid Engineers hopes to show prospective clients how they can optimize and improve their production lines with these new and innovative instruments, which will help them eventually in the long run.”

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