Randox showcases its patented biochip technology at IIDE

Visit Stall No D 50 to know more about their screening technologies for milk
Randox team at IIDE 2022

Randox team at IIDE 2022

India having a market that is mainly dependent on dairy makes it necessary that those involved become more involved in the wellbeing of their customers, and that is where Randox Food Diagnostics comes in. Randox Food Diagnostics is a major player in the drug residue screening industry globally. Based in the United Kingdom, the company also focuses on food industries, including seafood, honey, wine, and milk.

Randox Food Diagnostics recognizes that the dairy industry is under pressure to mass-produce high-quality products while complying with regulations. To help the industry, the company has developed a range of easy-to-use, accurate milk analysis methods for the qualitative and quantitative detection of contaminants in milk. Randox displays its testing solutions at Stall No D-50, India International Dairy Expo (IIDE) at Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai.

Speaking of Randox and its patented biochip technology, Nikith Ninan, Regional Sales Manager, South Asia, says, “Expos always bring new technologies, Randox has something beyond basic technologies. Our patented biochip technology gives an effective end-to-end solution with dedicated multi-analyte reagents and quality control material, providing reliable and controlled testing. Further, it is as recommended by the FSSAI regulations.” According to him, currently, the market can only test for 7-8 antibiotics, whereas the biochip can test for about 130 antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, mycotoxins, even bovine pathogens, toxins, etc.

At India International Dairy Expo (IIDE), Randox Food Diagnostics expects a good footfall and customers after a break of over two years. Randox believes that what they endorse is something that the dairy industry shouldn’t neglect. Further, Randox aims to develop technologies that help people who consume milk and the animals that produce them. You can visit their Stall No D-50 and meet Randox to know more about their offerings at IIDE. IIDE is taking place at Bombay Exhibition Center (NESCO), Mumbai.

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