Vedic Pac Systems to display innovative & premium solutions for the dairy industry

Visit Stall No B 33 to explore its wide range of offerings
Vedic Pac Systems to display innovative & premium solutions for the dairy industry

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Pune-based Vedic Pac Systems is a long-standing partner of European manufacturers AZO, Amixon, LOMA &CAMA in India. Over the years, Vedic has established itself as a trusted partner for delivering the finest and premium quality plants for the food and pharma industries.

Speaking of Vedic Pac Systems, Nirav Sampat, managing director, Vedic Pac Systems shares, “Vedic Pac Systems was started by the Sampat family as an “agency” business in 1978. Subsequently, as our team strength grew, it was decided to convert this into a private limited company in 1999. Vedic Pac Systems is today an integrated services company offering Marketing, Sales, After Sales (Spares), Technical Services (Installation & Commissioning), Project Management Services & preliminary engineering support for local sourcing.”

Vedic Pac Systems offers a wide range of solutions for the food industry, including solid processing, powder mixing, liquid mixing, processing of confectionery masses, cocoa and chocolate processing, forming lines, homogenization and emulsification solutions, depositors, extruders, metal inspection, X-Ray and check-weighing systems, primary and secondary packaging, etc. For the dairy equipment or machinery, Vedic Pac Systems represent:

  • AZO GmbH + Co. KG for Ingredient Automation, Pneumatic Conveying and Powder Handling

  • Amixon GmbH for Powder Mixers and Dryers

  • Loma Systems - A Division of ITW for Metal Inspection, Checkweighers and X-ray Systems

  • Cama Group for Secondary Packaging

However, most of the core or critical equipment of Vedic Pac Systems comes from Europe. But to bring down costs, provide turnkey solutions and align with the “Make in India” campaign, Vedic Pac-Systems has identified and cultivated partner companies locally for fabrication, SCADA/PLC/automation, project & food safety management, ASRS Systems etc.

The company has a team of qualified engineers to do the installation, commissioning and after-sales service. Sampat adds, “We constantly invest in our team & offerings. Our people form the backbone of our company, and we are constantly investing in our team.”

Vedic Pac Systems at IIDE 2022

Vedic Pac-Systems combines its global expertise with its deep roots in the diverse Indian culture to seamlessly bridge between its Indian clients and European principles. The company is well aware of the industry requirements and offers its customers the best and most affordable solutions.

From 13 to 15 April at India International Dairy Expo (IIDE) 2022, the company will be displaying:

  • AZO DA 360 Screener for applications such as screening of milk powder, dairy whitener, skimmed milk powder, whey powder, baby milk powder and any other powder used in the nutritional/dairy industry

  • Amixon Mixer VM 300 Vertical Single Shaft Mixer for mixing applications for any type of Milk powder, baby food powder and other dairy powders

  • Loma IQ3 + E Metal Detector for inspection of cheese, milk, curd, paneer, ice cream and other dairy products. Visit us to explore our innovative and premium solutions for the dairy industry.

Visit Vedic Pac Systems to explore its innovative and premium solutions for the dairy industry at Booth No B33 at Bombay Exhibition Center (NESCO), Mumbai.

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