Solve your production challenges with Fillpack's custom-made machine solutions

Fillpack offers multi-disciplinary engineering design and state of art technology applications
Solve your production challenges with Fillpack's custom-made machine solutions
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Fillpack technology, an ISO 9001-2015 certified company, has been trusted for over two decades for its in-house manufacturing and exporting of quality packaging machinery for industries like Dairy, Pharmaceuticals, Beverages, Cosmetics & Toiletries, Lube & Edible Oil, Pesticides, and Food. Over the years, Fillpack has invested time and money in understanding and developing solutions per customers' needs. As a result, Fillpack has reached and has a presence in the market segments of Milk, Ice Cream, Juice and Pharmaceuticals.

Fillpack is an innovative leader in the processing, filling & packaging industry. Speaking about the company, Nitin Kere, managing director, Fillpack, says, "Fillpack Technology is a pioneer in the paneer cutting industry and one of the leading manufacturers of bottle filling machines. We are the leading manufacturers of paneer cutting and complete turnkey basis plants for equipment. We provide Bottle Filling Machine Solutions, Pouch Packing Solutions, Sachet Packing Solutions, Milk, Curd, Paneer Pasteuriser, Bulk Milk Coolers, Storage Tanks, Mixing/Heating Tanks, Paneer Cutting Solutions, Cup Filling & Sealing Machine Solutions and Vacuum Packaging Machines etc. We also provide turnkey basis plants for milk, fruits and vegetables, juices, and ice cream, among other things."

Fillpack offers a wide variety of equipment for the food and dairy industry, including paneer cutting machine, paneer dipping tank, automatic conduction sealing machine, and vacuum packing machine, among others.

Automatic filling line
Automatic filling linePhoto- Fillpack technology

At ANUTEC/PackEx- 2022

The Fillpack team is eager to present its products at the upcoming event ANUTEC, India's largest international fair for food and drink technology in September 2022. Regarding the products to be displayed, Kere says, "We will be exhibiting Cup Filling Machine, Conduction Sealing Machine, Paneer Cutting Machine and Hopper Piston Filling Machine at ANUTEC."

Viewing the live display of such vital equipment will be a great way to educate the masses about the machinery behind the everyday foodstuffs we consume. At the trade show, the Fillpack team hopes to evoke curiosity among the visitors and create new connections and genuine long-term partnerships. They wish to make the most of the opportunity and network with professionals from various industries under one roof.

According to Kere, a trade show like ANUTEC will help them meet new customers and make mutually beneficial and meaningful connections.

Vision and plans

The company looks forward to systematic growth of client satisfaction, employee growth, and reaching new horizons by increasing the machinery segment. He shares the company's plans, "Our ambition is to distinguish ourselves by making the most of Fillpack's competitive advantages. We plan to increase the efficiency of production through the automation of processing plants. We believe in improving performance through inspiring, engaging, and developing our people." He believes that industries should go for expansion in their business to move forward.

With its head office in Thane, Maharashtra, Fillpack Technology offers multi-disciplinary engineering design and description services and state-of-the-art technology applications with the help of skilled professionals to ensure quality packaging machines and dependable after-sales services.

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