BASF Aroma Ingredients expands its Isobionics portfolio with new natural flavors

BASF Aroma Ingredients expands its Isobionics portfolio with new natural flavors
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Isobionics, a brand of BASF Aroma Ingredients, is launching two new natural products on the flavor market. Isobionics Natural alpha-Bisabolene 98 and Isobionics Natural (-)-alpha-Bisabolol 99 are the latest additions to its Isobionics' portfolio being proof points of its commitment to developing natural flavors driven by customer needs.

"We are delighted to introduce the two new products, which are natural flavors and produced with our cutting-edge fermentation technology. Therefore, they are independent from harvest conditions and pesticide free," says Toine Janssen, chief executive officer of Isobionics. "This is a major milestone for us and the flavor industry, as it is the first time two natural flavors are being launched and marketed together. Building on our cutting-edge fermentation technology, we can constantly expand our natural flavor portfolio beyond our well-established citrus products to address further customer and market demands."

Breaking new ground beyond the citrus portfolio, Isobionics is unlocking a world with new possibilities for food, beverage, and flavor enthusiasts and is proud to introduce the following two products:

Isobionics Natural (-)-alpha-Bisabolol is a known product, traditionally derived from natural sources and with a complex and captivating aroma profile. Renowned for its delicate floral notes, it offers a subtle hint of chamomile and sweet, woody undertones, resulting in a truly unique flavor experience. This groundbreaking innovation allows culinary professionals and beverage creators to boost other flavors such as Vanillin and Nootkatone to add a distinctive twist to their creations.

Isobionics Natural alpha-Bisabolene 98 is a breakthrough in the flavor industry as its purity improves better flavor development. Moreover, its creamy milky flavor makes a major contribution to the expansion of the Isobionics' portfolio.

New flavors expand the flavorist palette to a new level

One of the two new flavor ingredients' most exciting aspects is their versatility. These flavor ingredients, produced at very high concentrations via fermentation technology, can be found in citrus essential oils and several other natural oils, such as chamomile, ylang-ylang, black pepper, and basil oils. The very high quality of the company's natural flavors opens a world of possibilities for flavor enhancement in a variety of applications. Whether it is adding crispness to mild flavors, complexity to your beverages and confectionery formulations, or a savory punch to culinary creations, the new products offer limitless potential for creating memorable taste experiences. These natural products use only renewable raw materials and are produced via fermentation technology, making them independent from harvest conditions and seasonality and free from agricultural residues, thus ensuring a constant quality in your products.

Steffen Götz, vice president of Aroma Ingredients at BASF, highlights the dedication to customer-centric innovation, "Isobionics' new flavor solutions embody our ongoing commitment to providing sustainable and high-quality ingredients. These new product launches complement and expand the existing portfolio and answer the need for fermentation-based natural flavors. Dedication to providing natural and sustainable flavor solutions forms the core of our new product developments. Our biotech platform plays a significant role in developing future ingredients to deliver exceptional flavor profiles that are geared to consumer preferences."

The new natural flavors Isobionics Natural alpha-Bisabolene 98 and Isobionics Natural (-)-alpha-Bisabolol 99 have now been officially launched. Customers can reach out to their designated sales contact and schedule an exclusive presentation of the new flavors to experience these extraordinary flavor innovations firsthand.

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