Chr Hansen adds next-generation SWEETY culture to its sugar reduction portfolio

SWEETY Y-3 culture adds new, fermentation-powered capabilities to Chr Hansen’s sugar reduction portfolio
Chr Hansen adds next-generation SWEETY culture to its sugar reduction portfolio

Photo - Chr Hansen

Chr Hansen has launched its next-generation SWEETY culture, the latest addition to its sugar reduction portfolio for fresh dairy. Using the power of fermentation, SWEETY enables producers to maintain the enjoyable level of sweetness their customers love, all while reducing added sugar by up to 1g for every 100g of yogurt.

Helping fresh dairy producers find their low-sugar sweet spot

“At Chr Hansen, we have made it our mission to develop natural products that help create a better world,” says Katarzyna McCall, senior commercial development manager in Chr Hansen’s fresh dairy practice. “Given that a growing contingent of consumers are cutting sugar from their diets—but also prefer to steer clear of artificial sweeteners—we wanted to explore how the industry could satisfy the near-universal craving for a bit of sweetness while meeting emerging consumer preferences for all-natural options.”

“Our introduction of SWEETY Y-3 is our newest innovation within Chr Hansen’s sugar reduction portfolio,” says McCall. “The SWEETY culture uses nature’s process of fermentation to cut the sugar and keep the sweetness. It works by converting lactose to glucose, naturally enhancing the sweetness perception in yogurt and enabling organic and VLOG labeling.” SWEETY Y-3 builds on the previous generation by offering thicker, more indulgent texture capabilities.

“We believe the opportunities SWEETY Y-3 offers the marketplace are timely, important and necessary for supporting better health and meeting growing consumer demand for tasty yogurt with a reduced sugar content,” McCall continues. “With one in three consumers reporting that they look for foods with limited or no added sugar, SWEETY Y-3 enables producers to naturally reduce the added sugar content in yogurt without compromising its appeal so that consumers can lower their sugar intake without having to lower their standards.”

SWEETY Y-3 joins a robust portfolio of Chr Hansen cultures and enzymes designed to balance fresh dairy recipes and reduce sugar

Chr Hansen also offers NOLA Fit and Ha-Lactase, both of which use enzymatic activity to reduce lactose and optimize the natural sweetness in dairy. To avoid adding sugar to compensate for increased acidity during shelf life, Chr Hansen offers its pH-stable YoFlex cultures, which create a mild base for optimized lactase performance.

SWEETY Y-3, NOLA Fit, Ha-Lactase, and YoFlex are trademarks of Chr Hansen.

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