IFF launches enzyme Nurica for GOS fiber & lactose-free dairy

Creating a premium product to fulfill consumer health needs
IFF launches enzyme Nurica for GOS fiber & lactose-free dairy
IFF Introduces Ground-Breaking Lactase Nurica that Generates GOS Fiber and Lactose-free Dairy Products in ChinaPhoto - IFF

IFF announced Nurica enzyme's launch in China, offering a new way for dairy producers to create a premium product to meet consumer health needs while increasing profitability. Nurica is IFF's latest innovation for the Chinese market and is marketed under the Danisco range of food ingredients that is now part of the IFF family.

Consumers in China are increasingly looking for healthier offerings in their dairy products, including products with a higher fiber content to help achieve daily fiber intake and improve overall gut health and digestibility. Using Nurica, dairy producers can adjust the sugar, fiber, and lactose content of their flavored milk, ice cream, and fermented dairy applications.

According to the press statement, Nurica is an innovative enzymatic solution that enables manufacturers to naturally produce dietary fibers in the form of GalactoOligoSaccharides (GOS) in situ by transforming lactose that is present in dairy products. GOS have also been shown to increase populations of health-promoting species of gut bacteria, and as such, has potential in prebiotic innovations and improving gut health.

In application trials, the Nurica lactase has shown no detectable impact on the acidification process, taste, or texture. According to the company, the outcome is delicious, stable, high-quality fermented dairy products innovatively tailored to consumer health trends.

"Nurica allows producers to achieve at least 1.6% of GOS fiber generated in situ and create a lactose-free product that is easy to digest while reducing added sugar in the final product," said Dr Susan Jin, regional business leader, HMO's, probiotics, cultures and dairy enzymes, Asia Pacific, IFF. "Unlike other lactases available on the market, Nurica can help dairy producers address multiple market trends such as high fiber, reduced sugar, and low or no lactose while maintaining quality and profitability."

IFF produces enzymes that deliver sustainable innovations across a wide variety of food and beverage products. At IFF, an industry leader in food, beverage, health, biosciences, sensory experiences, science, and creativity meets to create essential solutions for a better world – from global icons to unexpected innovations and experiences.

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