Ingredion launches functional native, clean label gelling starch for use in dairy and savory applications

NOVATION Indulge 2940 is a minimally processed, label-friendly ingredient that meets the demands of health-conscious consumers of dairy and alternative dairy products
Ingredion launches functional native, clean label gelling starch for use in dairy and savory applications
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Ingredion, a leading global provider of specialty ingredient solutions to the food and beverage manufacturing industry and pioneer of clean label ingredients, announced NOVATION Indulge 2940, the first non-GMO functional native corn starch and clean label ingredient that provides a unique gelled texture for popular dairy and alternative dairy products.

Coming soon to all regions, the minimally processed, functional native starch represents the latest innovation from Ingredion's premier clean label product pipeline, delivering novel texture and mouthfeel as well as natural claim enablement. NOVATION Indulge 2940 offers a consumer-preferred “corn starch” label, which is highly recognized and more accepted by consumers globally than gelatin, carrageenan and other common texturants, according to Ingredion’s ATLAS proprietary consumer insights.

“Consumers increasingly expect all of the products they buy to be made with recognized and accepted ingredients, and at the same time provide a satisfactory eating experience,” said Nick Ferraro, global senior strategic marketing manager, Clean & Simple Ingredients, Ingredion Incorporated. “With NOVATION Indulge 2940, food brands can formulate popular products – such as yogurts, puddings, processed cheese and vegan cheese – that satisfy both the increasing demand for clean labels and the growing dietary requirements of consumers, and all with an ideal texture.”

Consumer interest on the importance of what is listed on a product label has grown rapidly in recent years, with 79% of global consumers stating that they want to recognize a product’s ingredients and 62% stating they always or usually read the back and side of the product, according to ATLAS. NOVATION Indulge 2940 will help food brands achieve the flexibility required by today’s health-conscious consumers, delivering a clean-label ingredient that doesn’t compromise texture or taste.

Other benefits of NOVATION Indulge 2940 include cost stabilization and improved cost-in-use thanks to the ingredient’s reliable supply. Applications work conducted by Ingredion’s Global Application team demonstrated a 2.6% reduction in yogurt formulation cost and an additional $6.1M in projected revenue per 100,000 metric tons of finished product, according to Ingredion’s ATLAS proprietary product simulator.

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