ROHA announces rebranding of dehydrated range New foods & Saraf Foods to OVegi

ROHA announces rebranding of dehydrated range New foods & Saraf Foods to OVegi
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ROHA has recently announced that its dried ingredients range, New Foods & Saraf Foods are now OVegi. This name change is a reflection of ROHA's steadfast commitment to providing high-quality dried food ingredients to organizations around the world. As it embark on this new chapter, the company will keep expanding its product range with more clean-label ingredients that are aligned with evolving taste buds and dietary preferences.

From now on, ROHA's new brand name will reflect in all its business communication. According to the company, except the change in the brand name, everything else remains the same as it will continue using the existing legal company names, product codes, tax IDs, compliance certifications, etc.

ROHA announces rebranding of dehydrated range New foods & Saraf Foods to OVegi
Roha Group acquires Saraf Foods

About ROHA

ROHA has its beginnings in the Roha district of Maharashtra, India. The company was founded as a manufacturer of synthetic colors for industrial applications in 1972. ROHA has always held clients at the center of what it does, and this has shaped how the company does business and how it has evolved over the years.

The company has led a revolution in the food colors industry through unmatched quality standards. In its present avatar, ROHA is a multinational giant dealing with natural food ingredients, food colors, pharmaceutical and cosmetic pigments, dried ingredients, and industrial colors & dyes.

ROHA is constantly evolving to serve its clients by co-creating new and innovative solutions that anticipate future requirements and developments. At the core of such innovation are 14 technical labs spread across the world.

ROHA’s main headquarters remain in India but is now present in 22 countries across the world. Every continent is served by robust technology, logistics, regulatory and manufacturing teams.

ROHA is one of the largest players in the food color & ingredients industry, serving major names in the FMCG, Pharma, F&B, and Industrial colors industry. ROHA is a part of the JJT Group which is a force that positively transforms the lives around it.

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