Symrise offers citrus taste solutions with augmented sustainability to strengthen security of supply

Improved sustainable solutions to supplement traditional citrus ingredients
Symrise offers citrus taste solutions with augmented sustainability to strengthen security of supply
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Symrise is expanding its traditional citrus taste solution offer with increased sustainable and innovative solutions. Incorporating novel citrus taste ingredients contributes to an increased security of supply that also helps balance price fluctuations. With this, the company is diversifying its offer from other than citrus sources which maintains authentic taste profiles and strengthens its positioning in taste, nutrition, and health solutions.

Consumers are increasingly seeking ways to benefit nature and make a positive impact with their food and beverage choices. As one of the global leaders in taste solutions, Symrise innovates to address fluctuating quality and availabilities.

Innovative technologies for improved sustainable solutions

Symrise leverages technologies for example distillation, extraction, selective enrichment technologies (SET Flavors), industrial and university partnerships, as well as sensory-guided analysis. This continuously evolves and develops its captive ingredients to create more sustainable citrus taste solutions. Also, it significantly contributes to the authentic aroma profile of the final product. Building on its comprehensive expertise in taste, Symrise offers versatile citrus taste solutions and tailors them to suit specific recipes across all applications. They cover beverages, baked goods, confectionery, dairy, and savory dishes.

A solution with versatile benefits

"Our citrus taste solutions offer improved reliability in terms of quality, and availability," said Richard Hartfall, Citrus Platform director at Symrise. "We are dedicating ourselves to supporting our customers navigate the challenges of price and supply fluctuations in the citrus market while providing sustainable and high-quality solutions."
In total, the citrus taste solutions by Symrise offer the following key benefits:

  • A significant broader product palette for the industry in addition to traditional citrus ingredients with secure availability.

  • The use of Symrise captive ingredients creates a more unique, authentic, and outstanding true to nature taste character.

  • Provide a cushion against the volatile fluctuations inherent in agricultural crops

  • Solutions offering a longer-term price stability

  • Adaptable for a wide range of applications

“In a world where the price and availability of traditional citrus continue to fluctuate, Symrise's Citrus Taste Solutions offer a practical, sustainable, and economically sound alternative,” Hartfall concludes. “We are dedicating ourselves to support our customers, maintain their competitive edge while contributing to a more sustainable future for the food and beverage industry.”

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