Univar Solutions adds Kalsec advanced hop ingredients to its portfolio through a new distribution agreement

Customers in the United States are the latest to benefit from the growing distribution relationship between the two global companies
Univar Solutions adds Kalsec advanced hop ingredients to its portfolio through a new distribution agreement
Photo - Univar Solutions

Univar Solutions, a leading global solutions provider to users of specialty ingredients and chemicals, announced on 27 July 2023 that they expanded their distribution relationship with Kalsec for advanced hop ingredients in the United States. This latest agreement adds to the current partnership that includes the distribution of Kalsec's natural taste and sensory, colors, and food protection solutions in Mexico, Colombia, and Europe.

"It's a pleasure to work closely together with Kalsec to bring innovative and high-quality natural ingredients to savvy food customers across the globe," said Kevin Hack, global vice president of food ingredients for Univar Solutions. He further added, "In 2023, we are excited to continue our successful collaboration by adding their advanced hop products to our specialty ingredients portfolio and offering strategic solutions and further flexibility to our customers. We have dedicated industry resources and the infrastructure to support brewing and distilling, including incredibly talented sales and product management professionals, Solution Centers that function as hubs for innovative beverage formulations, an unparalleled geographic footprint, and advanced logistics capabilities, all designed to support the growth and success of our customers and suppliers."

Kalsec is recognized as one of the leader in hops innovation and has been providing the brewing and beverage industries with advanced hop solutions for more than 40 years. Kalsec's line of advanced hop ingredients now available through Univar Solutions includes hop acids, kettle aroma extracts, customized blends, neat hop oils, and hop flavoring. Their HopRival natural hop extracts uniquely craft blends of 100% hop-derived oils to deliver hop flavor and aroma to brewed beverages reliably in every batch, every time. The groundbreaking Lupulock encapsulated hops oils are a natural alternative that enables brewers to accelerate production and reduce waste while delivering consistent, authentic flavors, and aromas. 

"We are thrilled to partner with Univar Solutions in the beverage space," said Joanne Martz, senior vice president of hops and food protection business units for Kalsec. "It is not a surprise that we're seeing rapid innovation in the beverage market. Beverages, including beer and other brewed beverages, require sophisticated organoleptic properties, and therefore solutions to innovate ingredients and improve processes are needed to support customer demand and market needs more than ever before. Combining Kalsec's advanced hop solutions with Univar Solutions' technical expertise, portfolio, and capabilities enables us to better support customers in the growing craft beer and other market", he further added.

Deep, distinctive colors and flavors are an essential aspect of consumer expectations in choosing beverages. Univar Solutions' scientists refresh and develop formulas to enhance the efficacy of beverage products through its food Solution Centers and test kitchens while working to fulfill the Company's vision to help keep people healthy, fed, clean, and safe. Univar Solutions also delivers enzymatic solutions to brewing customers. Enzymes are natural catalysts that speed up critical steps in the brewing process. Going beyond traditional beer boundaries, enzymes can help brewers innovate by creating new tastes and claims, maintaining consistent production, and developing premium offerings.

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