Britannia's Winkin' Cow: Revolutionizing the milkshake experience

A range of convenient, indulgent, and natural beverages to beat the heat
Britannia's Winkin' Cow: Revolutionizing the milkshake experience
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Britannia Industries, with its rich legacy spanning over a century, has emerged as one of India's leading food companies. From its roots as a biscuit manufacturer, Britannia has transformed into a global total foods company, catering to changing consumer preferences with a diverse range of high-quality and premium products.

Abhishek Sinha, chief executive officer of Britannia Bel Foods and CBO Britannia Dairy
Abhishek Sinha, chief executive officer of Britannia Bel Foods and CBO Britannia DairyPhoto - Britannia

Abhishek Sinha, chief executive officer of Britannia Bel Foods and CBO Britannia Dairy, shares insights on Britannia's journey, the key differentiators of their Winkin' Cow range, and their plans for future growth, "Over the years, Britannia has built a reputation as a trusted brand, known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Present in over 80 countries, Britannia Industries is the parent company of beloved brands like Good Day, the Laughing Cow, Bourbon, and Nutrichoice, etc. This vast portfolio reflects Britannia's ability to adapt to evolving consumer preferences and offer products that have become household favorites."

Offering a variety of premium flavors

Britannia offers a diverse portfolio of products, including biscuits, dairy products, cakes, bread, rusk, salted snacks and more. Within its product lineup, the Winkin' Cow range stands out in the dairy segment. Speaking of the Winkin' Cow range, Sinha adds, "We have a compelling product proposition: Quality, taste, premium variety backed by a wide distribution network. One of the key differentiators of the Winkin' Cow range is the recent introduction of PET bottles, which has significantly enhanced the overall product experience."

Winkin' Cow is available in exotic flavors like salted almond caramel, Cafe Frappe, intense chocolate, and flavors like Vanilla, Chocolate, Badam and Strawberry, which offer elevated consumer experiences with unique inclusions. He adds, "We have exciting plans for new launches in the Winkin' Cow range. New variants will be added to the range to cater to evolving consumer preferences and further expand our market presence."

Growing packaged milkshake segment in India

The packaged milkshake segment in India has witnessed substantial growth and currently stands at an impressive INR 1600 crores. This category is experiencing robust expansion, with a remarkable year-on-year growth rate of 50%. Furthermore, industry forecasts suggest that the India Packaged Milkshakes Market is estimated to reach $27.1 billion by 2027, indicating a strong compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.9% during the forecast period of 2022-2027, as reported by IndustryARC.

As a key player in the milkshake market, Britannia has been driving its growth through product innovations. Sinha explains, "We have introduced Winkin' Cow as our packaged milkshakes, offering novel flavors and convenient ready-to-drink (RTD) travel-friendly packaging. Additionally, we have responded to the demand for healthier options by developing milkshakes with natural and organic ingredients, free from preservatives and artificial sugars."

According to Sinha, the milkshake sector is witnessing a spike in demand driven by multiple factors. The summer season in India calls for refreshing and indulgent beverages, with milkshakes providing an alternative to traditional colas and juices. Sinha states, "Consumers seek unique taste experiences, and milkshakes offer various flavors and combinations. Additionally, there is an increasing demand for value-added dairy products, with consumers prioritizing high-quality and natural ingredients. Britannia milkshakes have capitalized on these demands by offering a range of convenient, indulgent, and natural options, making them a favored choice among consumers during the hot summer months in India."

Photo - Britannia

Fostering innovation

Britannia's dedication to research and development (R&D) and continuous innovation drives its success. "We are committed to staying at the forefront of consumer preferences and market trends. We are actively working on strengthening the franchise of Winkin' Cow through innovative product offerings. We have exciting plans for the future and will continue to surprise and delight our consumers," he states.

Britannia has witnessed market growth in the milkshake category across various geographies and channels. Sinha explains, "Our market share stands at 6%, and we have aggressive plans to increase it further. The southern region has been one of the biggest contributing regions to our growth. We are actively working on expanding our distribution network; we have doubled our distribution from 3-4 to 6-7 lakhs. Additionally, we believe that new product variants, compelling price points, and continuous innovation will play a crucial role in driving our market share growth."

Target to achieve revenue of INR 1250 crore 

Currently, Britannia's turnover from dairy is INR 600 crore, contributing 5% to Britannia's topline. Winkin' Cow accounts for 27% of Britannia's dairy revenue. The brand has achieved remarkable growth, surpassing INR 150 crore in revenues. "Our target is to achieve revenues of INR 1250 crore over the next five years. We have a strategic roadmap in place that focuses on portfolio expansion, market penetration, and innovation. By leveraging our strengths and capitalizing on emerging opportunities, we can achieve our revenue targets and deliver sustainable growth in the coming years," Sinha concludes.

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