Champions of convenience and nutrition- Frozen Foods

From advancements in Individual Quick-Freezing technology to occupying freezers in every home worldwide, frozen foods have come a long way!
Mohit Marwaha, assistant vice president - Yummiez, Godrej Tyson Foods
Mohit Marwaha, assistant vice president - Yummiez, Godrej Tyson Foods

Frozen foods have brought immense convenience to consumers. They offer the option of using a batch of food for present consumption and storing the remaining for future use. Rushing to work no longer means missing meals, as one can grab a frozen meal and consume it at the office for lunch by simply microwaving it. Freezing has become a fast and popular way of preserving foods while retaining their quality and nutritional value. The food is frozen rapidly and kept in a frozen state in freezers at 0°F (-18°C) until consumed. Some of the most consumed frozen foods include frozen meals, frozen seafood and meat products, frozen snacks and bakery products, frozen yogurt, and more.

The ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook food market is gaining huge traction as people find it convenient and easy to make. According to Mohit Marwaha, assistant vice president - Yummiez, Godrej Tyson Foods, the frozen snacks category is estimated to be about a Rs 3,500-crore market. He commented on its growth in India, "The frozen food segment in India is growing at a steady pace. Brands in this space have seen their products evolve from occasional party snacks to everyday food items across meals that people of all ages relish. Another enabler is the growth of eCommerce / quick commerce, which makes shopping convenient for this category. Currently, we are one of the largest players in the category."

Changing consumer preferences

Marwaha commented on the change in consumer behavior in India and said that consumers are increasingly becoming experimental in their willingness to try new food products. Quality has become a major concern, and consumers do not mind spending a little extra. He added, "Compared to other food items, frozen foods are more appealing to consumers due to their minimal or no preservatives, clean labels, and ease of cooking. In addition to this, the all-year-round availability of frozen foods further drives consumer adoption. Brands are looking towards innovative ways to bring seasonal food which will sustain all year round."

Innovation to foster advanced technologies

Over the years, the frozen food industry has introduced various technologies like blast freezers, cryogenic freezing, and the Individual Quick-Freezing method. Godrej Tyson Foods uses IQF to ensure the highest taste, hygiene, and health standards. Assuring consumers of their quality, he added, "The best outcome of IQF technology is that our food products do not need any preservatives, which makes us stand out compared to many of our competitors. Godrej Yummiez and Real Good Chicken, both brands, are trusted for their quality and wide product assortment."

The freshness dilemma

Despite the popularity of frozen foods, some consumers still feel that frozen foods are not fresh or contain an unhealthy number of preservatives. Clearing the air on this doubt, Marwaha said, "A lot of people have this myth that anything that is frozen must have preservatives in it, and that is how it gets a long shelf life. With IQF technology, we can lock the freshness of food and retain its nutritional value for a long period without adding preservatives."

Propelled by awareness and convenience

The appetite for frozen food is seeing a constant uptick. To meet consumers' demands, brands are now introducing different variants and sizes of products. Talking about the frozen food market drivers, he said, "Expansion of cold chain infrastructure, need for healthy and convenient food at home and growing awareness will continue to propel the frozen-food segments to new heights in the years to come. New players in the market, government support, and new innovative products will further lead to growth in the frozen foods industry." He advised new entrants to differentiate their offerings through the creation of clear and unique value propositions to survive and succeed in this competitive business category.

Entering a joint venture with Tyson Foods, U.S.A, in 2008 to manufacture and market processed poultry and vegetarian products, Godrej Tyson Foods offers great tasting, safe, and affordable protein products through household favorites like Real Good Chicken and Yummiez. "Our brands always go as most trusted, given the high quality and high standard of manufacturing our products pass through," he signed off.

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