New age cling films help to keep food fresh & safe for longer

Cling films like the premium wrap have led to a scientific storage revolution in the kitchen by allowing food to remain safer, longer & fresher
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India is known for its diverse cultures and cuisines, and over the last few months, most Indians have taken up cooking as a hobby or as a way to explore themselves during these challenging times. While most of them enjoyed experimenting with new recipes, others struggled with the most fundamental tasks to keep food fresher, longer, and healthier. The latest innovation in the food storage, cooking, and freshness space - are cutting-edge kitchen products that have revolutionized the way food is stored and avoids food wastage. Customers are more involved in purchasing Kitchen essentials such as cling films or foils than before; they look for a single product that can serve multi-purpose needs and aid a balanced lifestyle. These ground-breaking kitchen products and choices save time while providing a stress-free cooking experience for chefs and everyone in the kitchen.

PVDC cling films

There are many variants of a cling film available, but leading the consumer market for recently launched innovative kitchen products is the PVDC (Polyvinylidene Chloride) Cling Film, which is used to wrap food items and store them for an extended period. The material has superior chemical resistance, extremely low moisture regain, freedom from mold, bacteria damage, and high elastic recovery, thus leading in the market.

Premium wrap
Premium wrap

In fact, according to a study published on Global Cling Wrap Market in May 2021, the Cling Film industry is expected to grow with a CAGR of 5.4% over the forecast period of 2021-2026. This anticipated growth is attributed to the high acceptance and use of cling films by various companies involved in ready-to-eat and packaged foods, consumer goods, and healthcare. Further, the films ease the logistics as well as distribution process. There is thus, a high acceptance among manufacturers, leading restaurants, and food and beverage stores toward the use of cling films.

One of the most popular solutions is called the Premium Wrap, which is considered a very high standard for food packaging, storage, and reheating needs. Having proved its mettle via a variety of standard tests for permeability, impact resistance, and tear strength, the Premium Wrap is a unique kitchen must-have since it is made of special PVDC (Polyvinylidene Chloride) material used in making the products, whereas other products that are available use the cling films which are made of PVC or general PE Material. PVDC is made from vinyl chloride and vinylidene chloride.

While it may appear to be a simple household item, however, there is a perfectly scientific explanation for how and why it not only preserves food and keeps it fresh but also has multiple other uses that most people are unaware of. Simply put, when the premium wrap clings to the food container, it forms a tight seal preventing dry foods from absorbing moisture and wet foods from losing moisture. It also stops bad smell from spreading into different food items that may be kept nearby.

Many cling films available in the market do not have inbuilt cutters, and recent innovations in this space are Japanese products with an in-built cutter within their packaging, making it hugely more convenient while using the product. During the lockdown, while we are confining ourselves to be indoors a lot of times, we look at ways to store the leftover food, that is when a product like premium wrap can be used to store food to be consumed the next day, this also helps in reducing food wastage in the kitchen. Premium wraps made using PVDC allows you to store food in the fridge or room temperature and heat any Indian or exotic preparation in the microwave. Additionally, they have low stretch and provide excellent bond strength and low water absorption. It also has good cling properties, making it ideal for food wrap applications.

With erratic seasonal changes across the globe, customers now realize how important it is to store food in the right way. In different weather conditions, food spoilage becomes a huge concern due to the dynamic climatic conditions. Their humble savior in times like these has become the high-quality cling film or premium wrap, enabling all kinds of food to stay fresh for a more extended period.

Luve Oberoi is senior marketing manager at Asahi Kasei India

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