“We at Serac only endeavor for innovation with perfection,” Rose Graffin

Being pioneers in the industry for over 50 years, Serac extends its vision to India with a new addition to the Serac family
“We at Serac only endeavor for innovation with perfection,” Rose Graffin
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Packaging is an essential element to address the challenges of sustainability in the international scene. A component central to preserving the atmosphere is the control of emissions and much more.  Serac, being a pioneer in the industry, understands how to adapt to these market specificities as well as to the needs of its customers.

In an exclusive interview with FoodTechBiz, Rose Graffin, Chairman of the Board of Serac Holding from the USA, shared how delighted she is at the inauguration and the newest addition of the Serac family with Viman Nagar, Pune. 

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“Every machine we build is the result of the expertise of our talented employees, committed to bringing our customers the best solution, from the design phase up to the maintenance,” says Rose Graffin. “With Serac India, we have a vision that Jean-Jacques Graffin believed in, as India is one of our biggest markets and the possibilities here are endless. Our goal is to take the right step at the right moment as India is developing at a fast pace, and we want to be part of it.”

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Changing the dynamics of packaging 

Rose looks forward to bringing change to the industry as a woman in the packaging industry while holding the Serac family bond within the company.  She believes every individual has their fair share of ups and downs however, one should not feel let down and but look on the brighter side and learn something from it, as that is what truly matters. The mother of three proudly shares her journey and plans for the future, “This company is also my family, and I pledge with all my heart to follow in my husband’s footsteps and count on each member to continue developing the company created by JJ Graffin. We united can and will work hard to ensure that Serac will succeed to change our customers’ lives, and JJ’s legacy will continue as we open more offices.”

Serac India – Sky is the only limit

“Having said this, being invited to India was a long journey, but I couldn't miss out on giving my blessing to the newest addition to our Serac family. And in all honesty, I’ll have to say that I truly am proud of my Indian team and all the efforts put in to make this possible. We need more such people who believe in themselves. As this is only the beginning, Serac has great plans for this beautiful & diverse country. 

In the coming years, we plan to grow the business to a whole new level wherein we can start manufacturing our lower range of machines in India,” Rose Graffin adds.

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Message for all budding entrepreneurs 

At Serac, we design, assemble and supply packaging solutions to consumer-packaged goods manufacturers, including dairy businesses. However, this empire wasn’t built overnight and was started from scratch by JJ. Hence, my objective is to always do full justice to every task I do. And although being surrounded by the world’s most intelligent minds, I always strive to keep learning more and more each day. I urge more women to join our forces, as this is a safe space for creative minds who prefer to be treated as equals. 

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