Amcor Lift-Off Winner WIPE leveraging technology to evaluate packaging quality

Amcor Lift-Off Winner WIPE leveraging technology to evaluate packaging quality
Photo - Amcor

Amcor, a global leader in developing and producing responsible packaging solutions, announced Web-Based Intelligent Packaging Evaluation (WIPE) as the winning student and faculty team of the latest Amcor Lift-Off pitch competition, hosted in partnership with Michigan State University (MSU). WIPE competed for an investment and collaboration opportunity as part of Amcor’s Lift-Off program, an open-call initiative aimed at supporting early-stage start-ups focused on innovative packaging solutions and related technologies.

WIPE, developed by the research group of Dr. Euihark Lee at MSU’s School of Packaging, is an AI-based digital tool designed to leverage information mined from online customer reviews to assess the journey of a package throughout the distribution process. Once collected, the data is categorized for sentiment and key metrics, providing analysis that helps manufacturers identify critical issues during distribution and the consumer experience.

“We are excited to support the innovative thinking of students and faculty members who are working to solve complex challenges in the packaging industry,” Amcor’s vice president of Corporate Venturing and Open Innovation Frank Lehmann said. “The WIPE team has demonstrated creativity and technological expertise, and we look forward to working together to improve outcomes for packaging.”

Through programs like Lift-Off, Amcor’s Corporate Venturing team remains at the forefront of identifying and developing the technologies of the future, including investigating the potential for partnerships and shared growth with the next generation of innovators.

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