Amcor proudly supports Cadbury Dairy Milk blocks, the world-first transition to recycled packaging

Amcor proudly supports Cadbury Dairy Milk blocks, the world-first transition to recycled packaging
Photo - Cadbury Dairy Milk

Amcor, a global leader in developing and producing responsible packaging solutions, has proudly supported Mondelēz International’s world-first transition for the iconic Aussie chocolate brand to 30 percent food-grade recycled packaging as the first chocolate blocks hit supermarket shelves.

Amcor is locally producing the new packaging across the Cadbury Dairy Milk, Caramilk, and Old Gold family blocks.

While the new packaging is more sustainable, it looks and feels the same, carrying Cadbury’s iconic purple colors and distinctive markers and preserving the chocolate's taste, texture, and shape, helping the brand meet the 2025 National Packaging Targets.

As more consumer brands move towards incorporating food-grade recycled content into their packaging, the demand for such materials continues to rise increasing the need to develop a local solution and circular economy for soft plastics.

Simon Roy, vice president & general manager, Amcor Flexibles Australia & New Zealand, said that Amcor was proud to be supporting Mondelez’s sustainability goals, creating smarter, more sustainable packaging solutions for consumers. “We believe that the use of food-grade recycled content is a real game changer for the local market, enabling brands to become community leaders, taking a clear position on responsible packaging and supporting the creation of a local circular economy for flexible packaging.”

Darren O’Brien, president, Mondelez International- Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, said until recently, soft plastic packaging has been considered a single-use material and an expectation for brands to lead sustainability solutions. “We started this process by targeting our larger packaging sizes to maximize our impact saving 120 tonnes of plastic from going to landfill. The development of advanced recycling technology and our significant investment in recycled soft plastic means it’s now possible for Cadbury fans to enjoy their favorite treats more sustainably here in Australia.”

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