Bottles of the Year Program from Amcor showcases the best new designs in responsible packaging

New annual program showcases innovative designs that are responsive to consumer trends in packaging
Bottles of the Year Program from Amcor showcases the best new designs in responsible packaging
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Amcor, a global leader in developing and producing responsible packaging solutions, announced the launch of its Bottles of the Year program on National Packaging Design Day 2024. Annually, Amcor Rigid Packaging’s Bottles of the Year will recognize the best in innovative and responsible packaging designs that meet the latest trends in consumer preferences in the beverage, spirts & wine, food & dairy, home & personal care and healthcare segments.

“We are excited to launch the Bottles of the Year program and celebrate the best in packaging design,” said Terry Patcheak, vice president of R&D, Sustainability and Project Management at Amcor Rigid Packaging. “Our designers are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with packaging, and we are proud to highlight that thinking through this program. With Bottles of the Year, our goal is to inspire and empower consumers, manufacturers, brands, and enthusiasts with elegant, thoughtful, and responsible packaging designs.”

Amcor’s industrial designers and product engineers are known for their innovative problem-solving and ability to create bottles consumers and brands want – especially in a world that’s increasingly focused on responsible packaging. The bottle concepts featured in the Bottles of the Year program highlight eye-catching designs that cater to evolving consumer preferences and incorporate the latest technology in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic to deliver a more responsible packaging choice.

A collection of five bottle designs, the Bottles of the Year are ready to be refined for commercialization. The designs highlight stand-out innovative packaging opportunities for brands in the beverage, spirits & wine, food & dairy, home & personal care, and healthcare markets.

“The bottles featured in this inaugural release were designed to address some of the most pressing customer and consumer concerns,” Patcheak added. “For example, the bottle designed for the beverage segment is for our hot fill customers who have been waiting for a rib-less option all enabled through Amcor’s PowerPost™ base technology. Our spirits & wine bottle features Quantum™ technology in a 375 ml Nordic shape. Our designers carefully crafted a bottle for broth customers that is easily distributed in multipacks thanks to a unique inner-locking design feature.”

In addition to the specific design attributes, this year’s bottles have been thoughtfully created to deliver on the following key consumer trends:

Empowerment: Consumers are looking for brands that empower them to make choices that are good for themselves and the planet. The Bottles of the Year meet this demand and are made from PET and are recyclable. In addition, designers incorporated features such as a tethered closure on this year’s Beverage bottle to promote efficient recycling and align with consumers' growing interest in sustainable living.

Simplification: Consumers are looking for products that are easy to use and understand. The Home & Personal Care Bottle of the Year is a refillable bottle with a simple, clean ergonomic design. It is easy to open and close and provides the right amount every time. This appeals to consumers who are looking for convenience.

Value: Consumers are becoming more mindful of their spending and are looking for products that offer excellent value. The Food & Dairy Bottle of the Year uses its space efficiently, offering cost savings at several points along the journey to consumers’ shelves while offering excellent value.

Identity: Consumers are increasingly looking for products that reflect their individual identities. The Healthcare Bottle of the Year is customizable and distinctive, appealing to consumers who want to express their unique personalities.

Connection: Consumers are interested in connecting with others, supporting local businesses, and are looking for products that are made with local ingredients. The spirits & wine Bottle of the Year has a premium look that mimics glass but is lighter and more durable. This innovative bottle supports the new trend of cocktails-to-go.

The bottle designs featured in the Bottles of the Year program are the result of cross-functional collaboration among marketing, industrial design - ScorCreative our in-house design studio- and product development. Individuals from these teams came together to fuse their cutting-edge ideas into innovative concepts that break through traditional norms, reaffirming Amcor as the industry leader in packaging innovation.

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