Casalasco first in Europe to launch food products in SIG carton packs with Signature Nature Full Barrier packaging material

Casalasco first in Europe to launch food products in SIG carton packs with Signature Nature Full Barrier packaging material
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Casalasco Società Agricola, one of the most important European producers and co-packers of tomato products, is the first in Europe to launch food products in aseptic carton packs from SIG, made from the even more sustainable packaging material Signature Nature Full Barrier. The small number of polymers used in this packaging material is linked to certified forest-based renewable sources via a mass balance system, reducing the carbon footprint of the carton pack even further.

Casalasco has recently renewed the visual identity of the iconic tomato brand Pomì, and as a part of this restyling, has chosen SIG’s combiblocCompact 300ml aseptic cartons with SIGNATURE FULL BARRIER packaging material to pack Pomì Finely Chopped Tomatoes. With a strong partnership with SIG spanning decades, Casalasco already has seven SIG filling machines at their first-class Italian production facilities, and the transition to SIGNATURE FULL BARRIER has been quick and easy due to this existing highly flexible filling technology.

Fabrizio Fichera, marketing and business development director, Casalasco Società Agricola, “Switching to SIGNATURE FULL BARRIER packaging material ensures we are giving our consumers the most sustainable yet convenient packaging solution. We have a strong heritage in producing high-quality tomato products which respect nature, always working ethically and sustainably along the entire supply chain. Our cooperation with SIG means we’re always ahead of the curve in being able to offer high-quality food while also increasing our commitment to sustainability.”

The polymers in SIGNATURE packaging material are fully linked to the forest-based material tall oil, which is a by-product of the paper industry rather than a crop grown on agricultural land that could otherwise be used for producing food. All three raw materials in SIGNATURE FULL BARRIER are linked to certified responsible sources via mass-balance systems: paperboard is from FSC-certified forests and other controlled sources; forest-based renewable polymers certified, according to ISCC PLUS; and an ultra-thin layer of aluminum which protects against light and oxygen is covered by ASI (Aluminium Stewardship Initiative) certification.

Giovanni Micheletto, managing director - Italy and South-East Europe, SIG, “Together with Casalasco, we achieve another sustainable first for the European food and beverage market, with Casalasco launching the first food product in our carton packs with Signature Nature Full Barrier packaging material. We will continue to go Way Beyond Good and work closely with the team at Casalasco to package its tomato products in the most sustainable way possible.”

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