Ferrero’s “Estathé” launches new convenient packaging with Aptar’s Rocket Sport Cap

Estathé, a leading beverage brand in Italy, partners with Aptar Closures to increase consumers’ on-the-go convenience.
EstathéPhoto - Aptar

The Rocket closure’s highly innovative design was born from consumer studies and insights to meet many uncovered market needs, which attracted Ferrero to partner with Aptar for their new Estathé packaging.

“Partnering with Ferrero in the development of this new generation of Aptar’s sports caps has been beneficial for both parties,” said Andrea Pepe, sales manager for Aptar Closures. “Aptar provided technical support during line trials at Ferrero plant, while Ferrero provided valuable insights that Aptar utilized to further improve the closure design and functionalities.”


Estathé consumers have a new resealable option with Aptar’s Rocket sport closure. Parents can rest easy sending their kids to school with the new Estathé design in their backpacks with this convenient, resealable cap that provides a tight and secure close for on-the-go use.


Rocket offers a hygienic double-wall lid design that protects the drinking area from external contaminants. The rocket was designed to consider all consumers’ safety and adhere to child safety standards (BSDA).


Rocket’s innovative design is recyclable, helping customers meet sustainability standards. Rocket offers a unique, highly visible and non-detachable tamper evidence system, ensuring no plastic parts are detached and thrown away. Additionally, the closure is tethered to the neck of the bottle to ensure it remains connected to the bottle through its lifecycle, increasing the likelihood that the closure and bottle are collected and sent through the recycling stream together.

 “Aptar is grateful to collaborate on this partnership with Ferrero,” shared Pepe, “and we are looking forward to seeing the Rocket sports closure on the Italian market.”

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