Lamipak's Sustainable Packaging Solutions Take Center Stage at Gulfood Manufacturing 2023

A global leader in aseptic packaging unveils expansion plans, achievements, and innovative offerings at Gulfood Manufacturing 2023
Lamipak Team exhibiting at Gulfood Manufacturing 2023
Lamipak Team exhibiting at Gulfood Manufacturing 2023

Lamipak, a global leader in aseptic packaging, recently showcased its commitment to sustainability and innovation at the Gulfood Manufacturing 2023 trade show held at the Dubai World Trade Center from 7 to 9 November 2023. The event provided Lamipak with a platform to unveil expansion plans, highlight achievements, and present innovative offerings.

In an exclusive interview with FoodTechBiz, Lamipak's ISU cluster head, Karunesh Singh, and the MEA Cluster Head, Ajas Shaikh, highlighted the pivotal role of Gulfood Manufacturing for Lamipak, the fastest-growing company in the world of aseptic packaging. During the three-day showcase, MEA and ISU cluster heads played a central role in unveiling Lamipak's offerings.

Lamipak at Gulfood Manufacturing 2023

At Gulfood Manufacturing 2023, Lamipak team experienced a significant turnout of both existing and new customers at their booth. The high level of engagement at the booth kept the Lamipak team occupied throughout the entire three-day trade show.

During the tradeshow, the company presented a remarkable lineup of products featuring innovations such as LamiGemina, LamiEdge, LamiSlim Leaf (125 ml and 250 ml), and LamiBrik Base 250ml. Notably, the company emphasized its commitment to sustainability by actively promoting U-shaped paper straws and introducing custom-designed paper straw wrappers, seamlessly blending style with sustainability.

Lamipak Team exhibiting at Gulfood Manufacturing 2023
Lamipak Team exhibiting at Gulfood Manufacturing 2023

At the forefront of industry trends, Lamipak also showcased groundbreaking products like LamiSleeve, the first sleeve-fed product, and LamiPure, the aluminum-free aseptic pack, aligning with the growing demand for eco-friendly solutions. The company's participation at Gulfood Manufacturing underscored its leading position in the aseptic packaging industry, emphasizing a dedication to innovation, customer engagement, and a sustainable future.

Unveiling the future – Vision for 2024

Looking ahead to 2024, Lamipak shared its vision during Gulfood Manufacturing. Singh highlighted the significance of the exhibition, stating, "Gulfood Manufacturing is the most prominent exhibition in the MEA region for the F&B segment. For Lamipak, this is undeniably the best platform to meet our customers, provide detailed explanations about our plans, and share information about our exciting new product lines for both reel and sleeve-fed machines, which we are adding to our portfolio for 2024."

Karunesh Singh, ISU cluster head, Lamipak
Karunesh Singh, ISU cluster head, Lamipak

Singh emphasized the company's focus on the GCC, KSA, and the Indian subcontinent, which have shown robust growth in 2023. He noted, "This is especially significant considering our new facility starting in Indonesia in Q1 2024. With our considerable success in Paper Straws in 2023 among the leading multinationals in F&B, we have successfully established our in-house innovation capabilities, distinguishing us from other leading aseptic suppliers in the region still grappling with developing the right product."

"Sustainability, the buzzword and driving force in our industry, is at the core of our forward thinking and plans. We are committed to driving the industry towards sustainable packaging with our innovations and upcoming product launches in 2024," he added.

Ajas Shaikh, the MEA Cluster Head, Lamipak
Ajas Shaikh, the MEA Cluster Head, Lamipak

Ajas Shaikh, the MEA Cluster Head, outlined Lamipak's commitment to innovation and key objectives for the Gulfood 2023 edition. These include engaging with existing customers to introduce them to the latest innovations, expanding the product portfolio for mutual growth, and reaching out to potential customers to showcase Lamipak's value as an aseptic packaging solutions provider. A key focus is also placed on customer upgrading, particularly in marketing service support, which has received positive feedback.

Shaikh emphasized Lamipak's substantial investment in research and development, steering towards a sustainable future with successful launches such as LamiNatural and LamiPaperstraws. The introduction of LamiSleeve, a quality alternative to sleeve-fed laminates, was also highlighted for potential customers. Market intelligence activities involved interactions with fellow suppliers to understand their innovations.

With a significant market share in the Middle East and Africa, Lamipak aims to cultivate genuine business partnerships, prioritizing mutual growth and innovation toward becoming the second-largest aseptic packaging solutions provider globally. Shaikh expressed confidence that Lamipak's strategic approach, emphasizing sustainability and innovation, will lead the company to this milestone, marking a journey toward excellence.

As Lamipak embarks on its future endeavors, its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction remains unwavering. Lamipak's pioneering spirit will continue to shape the landscape of aseptic packaging, setting new benchmarks for industry standards and reinforcing its position in the global packaging arena.

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