Mondi invests in FunctionalBarrier Paper Ultimate

Investment of €16 million in state-of-the-art technology at its Solec (Poland) plant enables Mondi to add new sustainable solutions to its portfolio
Mondi invests in FunctionalBarrier Paper Ultimate, an ultra-high barrier paper-based packaging solution
Mondi invests in FunctionalBarrier Paper Ultimate, an ultra-high barrier paper-based packaging solutionPhoto - Mondi

Mondi, a leading company in packaging and paper, is investing €16 million in new technology to produce a new packaging range called FunctionalBarrier Paper Ultimate. This ultra-high barrier paper-based solution for food meets growing customer demand for sustainable packaging that contributes to a circular economy.

The new addition expands Mondi’s existing portfolio of FunctionalBarrier Papers providing high-barrier paper-based packaging for food products such as dried foods and powdered milk as well as for applications in the home and personal care industry. These products require packaging that offer protection from water vapour and oxygen and can ensure a long shelf life. The current industry standards to achieve this level of barrier protection are unrecyclable solutions made of plastic or lined with aluminum. Mondi’s Functional Barrier Paper Ultimate range is designed to be recyclable in paper waste streams across Europe while providing the necessary product protection.

Initial trials of the Functional Barrier Paper Ultimate range have shown positive results for both customers and end consumers, indicating that the paper solution is widely accepted and preferred over unrecyclable aluminum and plastic-based alternatives.

The investment at our Solec plant in Poland enables Mondi to produce the high-barrier functional paper at scale using the latest technology and efficient processes. Thanks to the company’s unique integrated value chain, Mondi can offer the complete solution in-house: from production and coating to printing and converting it into the final packaging product. This provides customers with an efficient solution for their packaging needs.

"As a global leader in sustainable packaging solutions, we have been focused on the aluminum barrier challenge for some time. We knew that with research, development, and investment in new technologies, we would find an effective replacement that would provide the necessary protection for our customers’ food products. Functional Barrier Paper Ultimate helps our existing and new food-producing customers to switch to a more sustainable packaging solution and thus contribute to their sustainability goals. It is a tangible example of our Mondi Action Plan 2030 (MAP2030) commitment to making all our packaging solutions reusable, recyclable, and compostable," said Dirk Gabriel, chief operating officer, Consumer Flexibles, Mondi

Industrial-scale production of the Functional Barrier Paper Ultimate range is expected in the first quarter of 2024.

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