Piperleaf to launch vegan egg premix 'Eggish'

Piperleaf vegan egg premix

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Piperleaf to launch vegan egg premix 'Eggish'

Legume-based, cruelty-free, soy-free egg alternative with a long shelf life

Piperleaf, a maker of plant-based milk chocolate, is here to further its mission of making plant-based foods more accessible to everyone - this time with their revolutionary addition to the list - Plant-based egg alternative. Piperleaf started with traditional flavors of milk and dark chocolate but since its inception, the team has been working incessantly to create a wide variety of plant-based food products that have the potential to eliminate the need for animal-derived foods in one's life.

Anshul Agarwal, the founder of Piperleaf, said, "With our plant-based egg, we do not just intend to provide a protein alternative to those following a vegan lifestyle but to everyone who wants to make healthier and more environment-friendly choices consciously."

Anshul Agarwal adopted a vegan lifestyle in 2019. As a vegetarian since his childhood, he used to consume dairy products and eggs regularly.

He added, "I struggled a lot to find plant-based alternatives to dairy and eggs that I was so accustomed to consuming before turning vegan. That is when I realized the biggest barrier that stops people from turning vegan. The lack of accessible alternatives to products that have become a part of our routine life can replicate the taste and nutrition of animal-based foods. It had become very evident to me that a huge void exists in the plant-based industry. There are hardly any companies in India that are actively working towards creating plant-based eggs, largely because of the trouble caused in mirroring the taste and texture of a regular egg. This sparked my interest, and I decided to make Piperleaf the pioneer of such plant-based alternatives that serve both your palate and the planet."

Piperleaf envisions becoming the largest plant-based company that caters to all your food cravings, daily necessities, and nutritional requirements. The brand has worked incessantly to achieve the desired product, which tastes like an egg finally, smells like an egg, looks like an egg and is healthier than an egg. Everyone can enjoy Piperleaf's vegan eggs without any guilt.

According to Agarwal, Piperleaf vegan eggs are legume-based, cruelty-free, soy-free, and do not contain any artificial additives. "Our competent team of food technologists, after thorough research, have also ensured that our eggs fulfill the nutritional requirements of high protein and fiber. You can use it to make a wide number of dishes that you cook using regular eggs, including scrambled eggs, omelets and even in baking."

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The brand's objective was to create an alternative that is more stable, easier to cook, better in taste and even affordable. Agarwal explained, "This is why we decided to work on a more unconventional premix format than the usual liquid. As our egg comes as a premix, it has a longer shelf life as well. We plan to launch our eggs in the Indian market very soon and will ensure that it is available through multiple channels to make alternative protein options more accessible to all those who want it."

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