Valsoia launches a new line of plant-based Gelato flavors

Valsoia launches a new line of plant-based Gelato flavors
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Valsoia, Italy's leading producer of plant-based products, presents a delicious new line of authentic Italian Plant-based Gelato.

Valsoia Gelato offers consumers across Europe the chance to try a host of new flavors and experience a moment of true happiness with this unique Italian treat.

Valsoia's Plant-based Gelato, is aimed not just at vegans and vegetarians but anyone who enjoys healthy plant-based products or even those who like conventional dairy gelato. Valsoia cherishes authentic Italian traditions, and its new Plant-based Gelato offers the classic gelato taste and exceptionally creamy consistency loved by generations.

Together with the best of traditions, the Cocoa swirl and roasted almonds cones, and the Sandwiches duo, creamy cocoa and vanilla gelato between soft cookies, Valsoia has enriched its Plant-based Gelato range with new flavors, such as The Espresso cones with chocolate chips, and the indulgent Triple Pistachio Mini Sticks.

Valsoia's factory is 100 % dairy-free, so there is no risk of cross-contamination with dairy products. Velvety gelato is unlike any other plant-based ice cream on the market, thanks to expertly selected cashews, oats, rice, and soy, which provide the perfect canvas for a rich and delicious flavor experience.

Gelato is so much more than simply ice cream. The slow churning process used in Valsoia's authentic Italian Gelato makes it smoother and creamier, even after defrosting. Every moment spent enjoying the new flavors of Valsoia Plant-based Gelato will transport you to the sunny streets of Italy as you enjoy that unique taste and texture with every mouthful.

In addition to its mouth-watering flavors, Valsoia Plant-based Gelato comes in sustainable packaging that is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certificated, demonstrating the company's commitment to environmentally responsible choices and protecting forests worldwide. The 'V-label' certifies Valsoia products as vegan, making it easier for shoppers to find products that meet their dietary preferences.

As Valsoia expands across domestic and international markets through product innovation and acquisitions, each new product launch is driven by research into healthy eating, taste, and consumer preferences. Plant-based Gelato's novel packaging emphasizes its fresh taste with vivid colors, creating a young and dynamic product image with high shelf impact.

Valsoia gelato, with the new visual is rolling out on the international markets for the summer season.

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