CEREX offers innovative solutions for processing breakfast cereals

CEREX offers innovative solutions for processing breakfast cereals
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CEREX manufactures processing technologies for the food, feed and non-food industry. The company offers project engineering from the integration of single machines in existing process lines to the complete turn-key factories.

While talking about the company Michael Bichsel, member of the owners family of CEREX says, “We can provide solutions from detached standalone processing units all the way to fully integrated and highly automated factory installations.” He adds, “We manufacture highly durable equipment that has proven over the years in terms of seamless energy efficiency, food safety and hygiene which allows meeting and exceeding highest standards in the industry. We supply prominent technologies such as puffing, roasting, drying, toasting, coating, pressure cooking and material handling.”

CEREX is internationally renowned for its competence in project management. Every project that is managed by CEREX is delivered within time and to the satisfaction of its valued customers which the company is proud of!

Stephen Scouller, global sales director, CEREX says, “Our employees are a team of trained professional specialists in their fields. Therefore, they can offer not only the equipment but also the knowledge and expertise in the processing of various products. Knowledge transfer and customer training are one of the key competencies of our company and especially valuable during commissioning and after sales services.”

Scouller adds, “We can offer to consult in the fields like processing of cereals such as millet, quinoa, amaranth, sorghum, wheat, rye, barley, rice, kamut, corn, chickpeas, oat, etc., Roasting and thermal treatment of nuts and seeds such as peanuts, sunflower, pumpkin, pine seeds, macadamia, cashews, almonds, pistachos, hazelnuts, cedar seeds, all treated to various roasting grades and Production of various instant food such precooked grains for example bulgour, etc.”

Siddharth Dalal, country head India, CEREX (left)
Siddharth Dalal, country head India, CEREX (left)

Siddharth Dalal, country head India, CEREX says, “Our team has deep knowledge of up and downstream process steps and infrastructure engineering. Our systems are designed and manufactured at the CEREX headquarters in Switzerland to ensure the highest possible quality standards. Our highly specialized team is happy to offer their expertise and consultation too.”

Speaking about R&D and innovation, Dalal states, “We have worked on puffing of makhana (foxnuts) from raw seeds and it is very successfully done on CEREX invention- the puffing system. This has been a breakthrough success and a big step by CEREX in developing the industry which is currently very labor intensive and challenging for makhana processors. We are the first in the world to provide a proven solution for makhana puffing.”

CEREX is now the benchmark for nuts and seeds roasters and dryers. Operator friendly, low maintenance and highest sanitary standards are the focused approaches to attaining 100% customer satisfaction.

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