Sid's Farm plans to increase milk capacity to 50K liters per day

The farm offers pure and fresh milk & milk products to its customers
Sid's Farm plans to increase milk capacity to 50K liters per day
Sid’s Farm aims to provide families and communities with pure, healthy, adulterant-free milk and milk products. Photo - Sid's Farm

Sid's Farm, a premium dairy brand based in Telangana, was established in 2016 by Kishore Indukuri. Named after his son Siddharth, the farm aims to provide families and communities with 100% pure, fresh, healthy, adulterant-free milk and milk products. Started with a small herd of 20 cattle bought from Coimbatore, the company began to supply milk directly to customers in Hyderabad. Over a period, it expanded the product portfolio to other milk products, including paneer, curd, butter, as these have shelf life more than milk. Further, the farm continued diversification of its product portfolio by launching new product categories such as whole cow's milk, whole buffalo's milk, skim milk, cow's butter, cow's ghee, buffalo's butter, buffalo's ghee, cow's curd, buffalo's curd, and Natural Paneer.

Speaking of the journey to date, Kishore Indukuri, founder and managing director of Sid's Farm, says, "In 2018, we built a mini chilling or pasteurization plant with a bank loan and established a permanent manufacturing facility with a capacity of 10,000 liters. Currently, the farm owns bulk milk chilling centers and instant milk chilling stations across Telangana. In 2019 we achieved a milestone of selling 10,000 liters of milk a day, and in 2021 we increased it to 20,000 liters of milk a day."

Sid's Farm
Sid's Farm

The brand has grown manifold over the years, and currently, it serves about 10,000+ customers daily on a subscription basis. It works mainly direct to consumer (D2C) business and promises to sell 100% pure and tested milk on a subscription basis. Indukuri explains, "Our distribution team, along with a network of cold chain vehicles, 200 delivery partners deliver milk and milk products to our customer's doorstep using our app."

The farm has partnered with 100 stores, including general trade and modern trade. Moreover, its products are also available in BBDaily or Big Basket, Supr Daily, Swiggy, Dunzo, Amazon, Qubag, and other apps.

Focus on quality and food safety

In addition to a model dairy farm with 100 cattle, Sid's Farm also works with a network of farmers who produce pure milk for Sid's Farm. Indukuri states, "We work with farmers who produce good quality milk. We offer them incentives to continue producing pure milk and reward them continuously for it."

Kishore Indukuri, founder and managing director of Sid's Farm
Kishore Indukuri, founder and managing director of Sid's Farm

Milk procured by Sid’s Farm passes through rigorous testing to check for antibiotics, hormones, and preservatives before the chilling and pasteurization process. He explains, "Every batch of milk gets tested for various parameters daily. Currently, milk undergoes 26 tests based on FSSAI legal standards for milk and milk products. We believe in providing quality products and healthy choices to our consumers; therefore, we continuously focus on technology and R&D."

Educating farmers for best practices

Sid's Farm currently impacts the lives of over 1500 farmers directly by - educating them on the best practices of herd maintenance; avoiding economic losses to farmers by way of timely procurement and timely payment directly to their bank accounts; providing them access to good quality feed or fodder where needed; and offering extension services like providing cattle health checkups, funding Azolla ponds at farmer sites and artificial insemination (in partnership with BAIF).

In addition, Indukuri understands the importance of clean milk production and the essential steps involved in it. Therefore, Sid's Farm has invested in the village or farmer-level instant milk chilling systems to cool the milk within the first few hours of milking to have superior quality of raw milk.

Seamless operation amid the pandemic

Indukuri proudly claims, "We have not missed a single day of delivery to our customers. Sid's Farm has several protocols that it follows to ensure seamless business operations even during these harsh times." He states that the company follows all the safety guidelines recommended by the government during the distribution process. "Once the milk reaches the city for distribution, all our delivery partners follow Covid-safe practices like wearing gloves and face masks while sanitizing themselves continuously as they deliver milk to the customer's doorstep."

Speaking of the expansion plans, Indukuri adds, "Our manufacturing facility is located at Shabad, a town and a Mandal in Ranga Reddy district in the state of Telangana. It is a fully owned facility by Sid's Farm. Currently, it runs with a capacity of 20,000 liters per day, but now we are looking at further expanding our capacity to produce 50,000 liters per day of milk & milk products."

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