Vedic Pac Systems - A one-stop solution for food processors

A trusted partner for delivering premium quality plants for food
Vedic Pac Systems -  A one-stop solution for food processors

Vedic Pac Systems has established itself as a trusted partner for delivering the finest and premium quality plants for the food and pharma industries

Pune-based Vedic Pac Systems brings over 40 years of expertise and a strong client-focused approach in delivering turnkey solutions to the food and pharmaceutical industries. The company is an exclusive partner and representative of renowned European manufacturers and has a team of qualified service engineers for installation and after-sales support.

Speaking of Vedic Pac Systems, Nirav Sampat, managing director, Vedic Pac Systems shares, “My family started the “agency” business in 1978 as a partnership firm, with three persons in the business. Subsequently, as our team strength grew, I decided to convert this into a private limited company in 1999. Vedic Pac Systems is today an integrated services company offering Marketing, Sales, After Sales (Spares), Technical Services (Installation & Commissioning), Project Management Services & preliminary engineering support for local sourcing.”

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Nirav Sampat, managing director, Vedic Pac Systems</p></div>

Nirav Sampat, managing director, Vedic Pac Systems

One-stop solution

Over the years, Vedic Pac Systems has established itself as a trusted partner for delivering the finest and premium quality plants for the food and pharma industries. The company offers a wide range of solutions for the food industry, including solid processing, powder mixing, liquid mixing, processing of confectionery masses, cocoa and chocolate processing, forming lines, homogenization and emulsification solutions, depositors, extruders, metal inspection, X-Ray and check-weighing systems, primary and secondary packaging, etc. Currently, it has several projects in the pipeline with MNCs and homegrown Indian companies.

Vedic Pac-Systems combines its global expertise with its deep roots in the diverse Indian culture to seamlessly bridge between its Indian clients and European principles. Sampat adds, “Vedic Pac Systems has exclusive agreements with some of the top suppliers globally, starting from ingredient automation (AZO), to processing lines (AMIXON, AZO LIQUIDS, BSA, CHOCOTECH, EUROMEC, EXTRUGROUP, GEA AQUARIUS, HEBENSTREIT, OKA, SOLLICH & WDS) to metal inspection & X-Ray machines (LOMA), primary (THEEGARTEN PAC TEC) & secondary packaging (CAMA). Some of our association, particularly AZO & SOLLICH, is over three decades long.”

USP and competition

According to Sampat, incremental development keeps Vedic Pac-Systems solutions ahead of the curve. He explains, “Excellence in metallurgy & mechanical engineering, awareness of ATEX guidelines, ensure that we have a secure environment for our users. We constantly invest in our team and offerings. Not only do we offer best in class machines “MADE IN GERMANY” but we also offer best in class services from our qualified engineers “TRAINED IN GERMANY”. Our people form the backbone of our company, and we are constantly investing in our team.”

Vedic Pac Systems fully understands the impact of lost production time, which is why the company’s team of trained service engineers delivers a fast and effective response when issues arise. The company prides itself on having the best response times and first-time fix rates in the industry.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Vedic Pac Systems qualified and trained team</p></div>

Vedic Pac Systems qualified and trained team

Advanced and affordable technology

The use of advanced machines in the food industry ensures quality and affordability. Vedic Pac System is well aware of the industry requirements and offers the best and most affordable solutions to its customers. Sampat explains, “Vedic Pac Systems works on a philosophy to compare the life cycle costs including availability, uptime, downtime, efficiency in terms of utility consumption, maintenance & durability, etc. If the user does a serious comparison using these parameters, our equipment easily offers the best value.”

However, most of the core/critical equipment of Vedic Pac Systems comes from Europe/Germany. But to bring down costs, provide turnkey solutions & align with the “Make in India” campaign, Vedic Pac-Systems has identified and cultivated partner companies locally for fabrication, SCADA/PLC/automation, project & food safety management, ASRS Systems etc.

Vedic Pac Systems aims to become a preferred supplier of premium quality solutions to the Indian Food industry. Sampat believes that India is a growing economy and offers vast opportunities to grow in equipment sales. Further, Vedic has plans to step into other geographical areas in South Asia, the Middle East & the Far East, particularly for technical services.

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