Women Empowerment – The Indian Way

Prompt celebrates International Women's Day
Women Empowerment – The Indian Way

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Indian Dairy Industry employs over 70% women of the country. There is no other bigger example of women empowerment than our Indian Dairy Sector. Women are the backbone of the dairy cooperative model. They have contributed endlessly to the growth and development of our nation. It has been observed that women get up early every morning and manage to get milk from the animals. They nourish the animals just like their own children.

According to Indian Council of Agricultural Research, before implementing the dairy programs, women were spending 30% of their time on agricultural labor. After its implementation, they dedicated 50% of their time to the dairy and received higher returns. Further the data suggests that more than 0.32 million women serve in village-level dairy cooperative societies' management committees, and 354 women serve on the milk union and state federation boards. In India, there are around 25,000 exclusive women's dairy cooperative societies. This is not just revolutionizing the rural economy but also making it 'Aatma nirbhar'.

Prompt is delighted to be a part of the dairy sector that performs worldwide and is driven majorly by smart and hardworking women. With the Aatmanirbhar Bharat as a slogan of modern India, women of India have proved themselves and become the live example of Aatmanirbhar Bharat and Women Empowerment.

On this women's day, we pay our gratitude to them for shaping this sector into what it is today.

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