Asahi Super Dry 0.0% hits international markets as an alcohol-free alternative to Japan’s beer and super-dry beer

Asahi Super Dry 0.0% hits international markets as an alcohol-free alternative to Japan’s beer and super-dry beer
Photo - Asahi

Asahi Europe and International, the regional headquarters responsible for Europe Business under Asahi Group Holdings and a key role in promoting global beer brands in Asahi Group, has announced the launch of its alcohol-free beer, Asahi Super Dry 0.0% internationally.

Asahi Super Dry 0.0% offers consumers an alcohol-free version of the super-premium brand, Asahi Super Dry. Consumers can expect the same signature crisp, refreshing, super dry taste that has led Asahi Super Dry to be the number-one-selling beer in Japan. Asahi Super Dry 0.0% will be available across eight markets worldwide in 2023, beginning with the launch in the UK and Ireland in January.

In 1987, Asahi Super Dry, introducing the world to a new super dry taste and redefining the category. Now, this revolution is happening again as Asahi introduces the same super-dry taste to the world, but now alcohol-free. Asahi’s Master Brewers have combined pioneering Japanese brewing techniques with the finest barley, maize, hops, and yeast. The base recipe of Asahi Super Dry is taken through a process of de-alcoholization to create the finished beer at 0.0% ABV, delivering a super-premium alcohol-free beer that matches the promise of the original to go Beyond Expected. This promise brought about the creation of the world’s first super-dry alcohol-free beer, inspiring beer drinkers to step outside their norm and discover a taste of modern Japan by blending tradition and innovation.

A global marketing campaign to support the launch, is set to roll out across digital and social channels to coincide with the launch date, as Asahi continues to build a global super-premium brand building on influences of modern Japan.

Alongside this launch, Asahi Super Dry is increasing its global appeal through its recently announced global partnership in August with City Football Group, including Premier League Champions Manchester City. It is also the official beer of Rugby World Cup 2023, where Asahi Super Dry and Asahi Super Dry 0.0% will be served at all tournament venues across France, spanning 48 matches in nine cities. Both of these global sporting partnerships play a role in the ambition of Asahi Group to expand the sales of their Global Premium Brand Asahi Super Dry, including the new 0.0% variant, while elevating the fan experience, live in stadiums or at home.

The market for non-alcohol and low-alcohol beverages continues to expand globally, and the way consumers are drinking also continues to diversify. By popularizing these products, Asahi Group aims to propose appropriate alcohol consumption and new situations in which to enjoy alcohol and provide new choices for people who choose not to drink alcohol. We have adopted targets for the sales composition ratio of non-alcohol and low-alcohol beverages. Especially in the Europe Business of Asahi Group, Asahi Europe and International has an ambition that 20% of their portfolio will comprise non-alcohol products by 2030. So, the launch of Asahi Super Dry 0.0% internationally will be a positive step to meet consumer demands and drive the strategy.

Asahi Group set the expansion of five global brands as a strategy, and are placing the highest priority on Asahi Super Dry. The launch of Asahi Super Dry 0.0%, provides a new choice for those who seek to moderate their alcohol consumption and deliver on taste promise, and bring more fun to life.

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