Capital Foods expands its Ching's Secret Veg Soups portfolio

Ching's Secret Instant and Cook-up Soups are now available in nine variants
Capital Foods expands its Ching's Secret Veg Soups portfolio

Ching’s Secretrecently launched veg soups

Now available in nine exciting varieties, Ching's Secret Veg Soups are highest on flavors, easy to prepare, and low on calories - making them perfect for snacking, as appetizers, or even as a daily light meal. Packed with awesome flavors, the brand calls Ching's soups a game-changer. They are also claimed to be enablers of healthy catch-up sessions, a bit like a cup of tea.

Ching's diverse and new range of soup variants are ideal for different age groups and diverse moods. The soups come in two variants – Instant & Cook-Up. Now you can relish a delicious hot bowl of your favorite Ching's Instant Soup that gets ready within just one minute! Whereas the premium Cook-up Soups are satisfyingly sumptuous. Easy to make, these soups need to be simmered in boiling water for about three minutes. According to the brand, each soup has a generous serving of the choicest spices and real vegetables, making every sip a memorable experience.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Ching’s Secretrecently launched veg soups</p></div>
Capital Foods introduces a new range of Ching’s Just Soak Hakka Noodles!

Ching's Secret Instant and Cook-up Soups are available in the following flavors:

Lemon and Coriander: A summery soup that is light yet filled with mouth-watering flavors. Ching's lemon and coriander soup is a dreamy lemon-yellow delight with tantalizing citrus flavors and the aroma of coriander, a mellow indulgence to lighten your mood.

Manchow Noodles: India's popular soup gets a noodles makeover! Ching's Manchow Noodles soup, with its rich caramel color and pungent chili-garlic flavors, now has oodles of noodles to make your palate dance with delight. Savor the earthy flavors of Shitake and Black Wood Ear showrooms and relish a mouthful of noodles and real vegetables.

Asian Hot: Inspired by soups of Asia, with a bold Desi Chinese kick. Ching's Asian Hot soup, with its intense red color and delicious deep heat, is robust at all levels. Tangy, with a lingering after taste of chili pepper and celery, it will warm you inside out. Savor the hot-sweet spiciness and the bites of real vegetables in each mouthful.

Tomato Oats: An all-time classic, Tomato soup, turns into a hearty oat-filled soup of substance! The deep red Ching's Tomato Oats Soup, with its rich tomato flavor and comforting heat of garlic and pepper, is even more delectable with ample addition of wholesome oats. Savor the bites of real french beans, sweet corns and carrots.

Hot & Sour: This is not only easy to cook but also fortified with real vegetables. Enjoy this hot soup with a piece of bread for a light snack or sip on it anytime.

Tomato: The tomato soup is a classic favorite, loved by people of all ages. This soup is a standalone snack or pairs it with some breadsticks to add an extra crunch.

Mix Veg: Whether you are in the middle of a strenuous study session or need a pick-me-up for a late-night snack, the Ching's Mix-Veg soup is a good combination of a warm and sumptuous snack.

Sweet Corn: This flavor is for those who enjoy the classics. You can pair this with a light rice meal or have it appetizer before lunch or dinner.

Manchow: Are you craving a restaurant-style Desi Chinese soup? Try the Manchow soup for a delicious dish made in the comfort of your home.

These soup packs are available in a price range starting from Rs 10.

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