Hershey’s Exotic Dark adds two new flavors to its range

The chocolate brand known for dark chocolate with exotic combinations adds new variants with California almonds and Blackberry Granules and Guava & Mexican Chili
Hershey’s Exotic Dark adds two new flavors to its range

Two new flavors of ‘Hershey’s Exotic Dark’ range of premium chocolates

Photo - Hershey India

Hershey India, a part of The Hershey Company, a leading global snacking giant and the largest producer of quality chocolates, announced the addition of two new flavors to its ‘Hershey’s Exotic Dark’ range of premium chocolates. The newly announced flavors include ‘Blackberry Granules’ and ‘Guava & Mexican Chili’ made with whole, roasted California Almonds especially curated for the next generation of consumer who has an ever-evolving palate.

Hershey’s Exotic Dark is all about exotic combinations. The California Almonds are seasoned with unique and consumer-loved flavors like Guava, Mexican Chili, and Blackberry, all coated with dark cocoa-rich chocolate. The product is going to be an experience in itself.

The roasted almonds used in the new Hershey’s Exotic Dark range are imported from California. The richness in their flavor and the real sweetness in their taste is what makes natural, crunchy and wholesome California Almonds so popular around the world.

Commenting on the launch of the new roasted Californian Almond variants of Hershey’s Exotic Dark, Herjit Bhalla, vice president India and AEMEA, said, “The two new flavors introduced within our Hershey’s Exotic Dark range are a unique combination of crunchy almonds blended with dark cocoa-rich chocolate, offering an unparalleled burst of flavors and a premium experience with every bite. With this launch, we aim to offer our consumers the indulging taste of dark cocoa-rich chocolate combined with the benefits of California almonds. Tapping into the ongoing ‘Better for You’ trend, this combination also makes this a ‘permissible indulgence’ on dark chocolate. This launch will prove to be an attractive value addition to the existing exotic dark cocoa-rich range of Hershey India, and we’re excited to expand our assortment by offering diverse tastes that discerning chocolate lovers in India prefer.”

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