Pescafresh launches a new range of 'No Antibiotics Ever' Chicken Deli meats

The company expands RTE-RTC product portfolio; The new product range made of No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) Chicken is now available in Mumbai and Pune
Pescafresh launches a new range of 'No Antibiotics Ever' Chicken Deli meats
Photo - Pescafresh

Pescafresh, India’s first D2C seafood and meats brand, has recently launched a new range of uniquely crafted Chicken Deli meats under its RTE-RTC range SaSH22. The delectable No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) Chicken Deli meats are freshly made with the brand's trademarked chicken. There is no inclusion of meat waste in this gourmet offering.

The menu is curated in-house in compliance with guidelines at every stage of food production, storage, and transportation. Pescafresh ensures that NAE Chicken Deli meats are produced within the finest quality, variety, safety, and hygiene parameters.

The range, which includes Chicken Sandwich Ham, Chicken Herbed Sausage, Chicken Salami, and Chicken Cocktail Sausage, starts from Rs 216. The new product range will be available in Mumbai and Pune.

“We are moving fast in developing and launching new products in RTE-RTC and raw meats categories. The SaSH 22 spreads and Pork Deli meats were well-received. Driven by the consumer demand for more flavourful and healthier options, we decided to introduce our Chicken Deli meats. We believe that our new range meets international quality standards and also serves as a healthy alternative for our consumers. At Pescafresh, we completely avoid all artificial colour or flavours,” said Sangram Sawant, founder, Pescafresh.

The new product range will also be available on Pescalive. The virtual market is live every day at 9:30 am for the customers to choose the catch of the day. The rationale behind this tech property is to also bring transparency to customers. The brand owns the entire back-end supply chain, including cold chain control, procurement, processing, and storage. The entire process is automated and technologically driven with zero cross-contamination along with a temperature-controlled delivery service.

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