Prolgae launches sweet spirulina powder and protein bar in Chennai

The brand has plans to launch more F&B products in the coming months
Prolgae launches sweet spirulina powder and protein bar in Chennai
Prolgae Spirulina protein bar Photo - PTI

Prolgae Spirulina Supplies, one of India’s largest manufacturers of sun-dried organic spirulina, has come with a product for the first time in namma Chennai. Prolgae launched its sweet spirulina powder and spirulina protein bar all-in-one superfood products in India. The specialty of the product is that it is a 100% vegan product to help people stay healthy and add up immunity to their routine. As it says, the five gms of spirulina is equal to 5kg of assorted fresh vegetables. The products were launched by Ck Kumaravel, Dhamu Actor, BablooPrithviraj Actor, and Riyaz Khan.

Aakas Sadasivam, chief executive officer-Prolgae Spirulina Supplies, said, “We are working for present and future. Our vision and goal are that everyone in the world needs to get clean food, a better planet that leads to good health with a happy life, and to eradicate malnutrition from the world. Our humble effort is to be a part of the movement to offer healthy food for our future generation. By 2050, the global population will grow from 7 billion to 10 billion. To combat against climate change and serve a growing population that craves better sources of nutrition, Prolgae Spirulina offers a sustainable and scalable answer to this challenge.”

Photo - PTI

The launch event witnessed the city’s celebrity fitness personalities, entrepreneurs; people from fashion industry and socialites naming Karun Raman, Dr Sam Paul, Taniya Balaji, Chhavi Karla, Navtej, Dr Sussan, Jaya Krishnana, Nikhil Murgan and Ranjith Karunakaran.

According to the company, it has 12 vitamins and eight minerals, 63% protein, high antioxidant than blueberries, high beta carotene than carrot.

The name Prolgae is derived from Protein+Algae. Prolgae was founded in 2017 by Aakas Sadasivam and Finland investor Mika. Now they got into Indian B2C with their new vegan and plant-based value-added products. Prolgae’s vision is to make our regular food and beverages healthier by using spirulina in it. Since 2017 Prolgae is selling EU organic certified sun-dried spirulina in the B2B segment in Europe and North America. Prolgae plans to launch more F&B products in the coming months with more health benefits by adding spirulina and targeting the pan India market.

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