The Caffeine Baar launches ‘Elements 2021’ collection of packaged specialty coffee beans
The Caffeine Baar ‘Elements 2021’ collectionPhoto - The Caffeine Baar

The Caffeine Baar launches ‘Elements 2021’ collection of packaged specialty coffee beans

A signature coffee beans collection

Bengaluru-based The Caffeine Baar (TCB), one of India’s most experimentative specialty coffee brands, blending chemistry and experimentation with single-origin, high-grown Arabica coffee beans from 120-year-old Baarbara Estate in Chikmagalur, launches ‘Elements 2021 - a collection of three new packaged specialty coffee beans - Carbonic Maceration, Anaerobic Fermentation, and Orange Fermentation.

According to the company, this assorted range of packed coffee beans are the result of varied experimentations, perfected over a period of time. They are inspired by the wine industry bringing ‘the chemistry of coffee’ to the forefront of each consumer’s experience. The aroma and tastes amalgamate to give you a whole new experience of artisan coffee.

Carbonic Maceration, as the name says, includes a process in which the pulped coffee cherries are processed with carbon dioxide to induce bright, winey flavor notes. Carbonic Maceration is a new process in the Indian specialty coffee industry and one of the most unique offerings for coffee connoisseurs in the country.

Anaerobic Fermentation, includes an interesting process, where the coffee cherries are processed in a fully sealed and oxygen-deprived fermentation tank, which is further slowly dried to attain ideal moisture content for nutty and sweet flavor notes.

Orange Fermentation, a bonus to coffee and orange lovers as both flavors are blended together which can be tasted with these special coffee beans. In the process, the pulped coffee is fermented with fresh orange to attain citrusy and floral flavor notes.

Co-founded by Poojya Prasad, a passionate Coffee Sommelier, The Caffeine Baar aims to introduce the fourth wave of coffee evolution in India. Addressing a niche but growing market segment of coffee drinkers seeking unique flavors and new coffee experiences, The Caffeine Baar brings a total of eight variants of packaged coffee beans for the coffee connoisseur.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch of the new collection, Poojya Prasad, co-founder, The Caffeine Baar said, “We, at TCB always try to introduce something unique and after a lot of experimentation with unique processes and observation. We are very excited and happy to introduce our three new specialty coffee beans collection - Carbonic Maceration, Anaerobic Fermentation, and Orange Fermentation. We are sure our customers who look forward to trying our new coffee beans and recipes will enjoy this collection. All the three variants are the results of tremendous hard work with an extensive focus on pushing the flavor envelope of coffee with novel experiments, ensuring a highly-evolved taste suited to the discretionary coffee drinker.”

The new specialty coffee beans will be easily available to the customers, retailed at The Caffeine Baar’s Experience Centre in Bangalore. Also available at the brand’s eCommerce platform and on Amazon India, Total.Coffee - Coffee Beyond Traditions and Something’s Brewing Store. Elements 2021 collection is priced at Rs 500.

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