A shift towards responsible packaging solutions

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A shift towards responsible packaging solutions

Responsible & eco-friendly packaging to change the face of the industry

A brand with a sense of purpose is considered a responsible brand and is appreciated by consumers. The thrust has shifted to conserving the planet for future generations, and the onus is on every brand to behave in a socially responsible manner. Brands should adhere to eco-friendly options in every step of their workflow.

Today’s socially conscious and aware consumers are willing to pay more for products and services from socially responsible companies that follow sustainable environment-friendly practices. This article explains the compelling reasons why brands should focus on responsible packaging.

Social responsibility

A brand that ensures eco-friendly packaging indicates a corporate social responsibility, and well appreciated by consumers and investors. Moreover, the brand performs well on the stock exchange as more investors incline to be associated with companies that engage in sustainable practices. Big retailers like Walmart take their sustainability goals very seriously, and they have a goal of having 100% recyclable, reusable or biodegradable packaging by 2025. When these organizations set themselves such lofty goals, others have no choice but to follow. In other words, when a brand aims at becoming a trusted company that adds value to society, it is bound to be appreciated and win the loyalty of customers and investors.

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Retailers prefer sustainable brands

Big retailers are creating lofty sustainability goals by demanding that those who want to associate with them should focus on eco-friendly packaging. They are focused on using paper-based packaging and eliminating the use of plastic. They plan to add recyclability labels on the packaging to help customers recycle responsibly. Moreover, many of them aim to eliminate polystyrene, which causes ocean contamination from their packaging. The aim is to create more demand for recycled packaging.

Carbon footprint

There is an urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the carbon footprint by modifying everything we do. Switching to eco-friendly recyclable packaging is one such responsible step that can lead to significant savings in shipping costs. Brands are on the lookout for sustainable green packing solutions that protect their products while ensuring that the environment remains safe.

Packaging optimization & cost savings

Identifying and using sustainable packaging that irons out inefficiencies and prevents environmental damage while optimizing business operations is a win-win solution for all. When big retailers adopt this method, it can translate into savings with millions of dollars for them.

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Rising consumer demand

As the awareness about the urgent need to protect the environment grows, consumers are willing to pay a little extra for companies that use recycled packaging or sustainable materials. Eco-conscious customers are willing to pay more to save the environment. The growing numbers of environmentally aware customers are unleashing a green movement that is pushing companies to go the extra mile and create eco-friendly packing solutions that can be useful to the planet in general.

Every brand needs to consciously focus on responsible packaging to achieve sustainability goals that can benefit the planet in the long run. It is time that brands that operate with a sense of social purpose are rewarded for their efforts through customer loyalty.

Author - Sushant Gaur, founder and CEO, Adeera Packaging

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