Bisleri International unveils its 2025 sustainability goals

Plastic recycling and water conservation with Bisleri Greener Promise
Bisleri International unveils its 2025 sustainability goals
Photo - Bisleri International
  • Aim to collect 12,500MT of plastic from 20 cities across India through Bottles For Change

  • Restore and build 350 Check Dams, providing water security and supporting agriculture

  • Reduce carbon footprint by 10%

Bisleri International, India's leading mineral water company, has strengthened its sustainability strategy by launching 'Bisleri Greener Promise.' The sustainability philosophy focuses on creating a greener future by reinforcing and implementing programs in recycling, water conservation, and sustainability.

Under the aegis of this philosophy, Bisleri International has become one of the first consumer goods companies to be plastic-neutral and water positive. It further emphasizes its promise to the sustainable development of the country by announcing bold initiatives under plastic recycling and water conservation.

The company has outlined its vision to connect with 20 major cities to collect and recycle 12,500 tonnes of plastic by 2025 through its Bottles for the Change initiative. Additionally, it has also announced the restoration or building of 350 dams in Maharashtra and Gujarat to provide water security and enhance crop production. Under the initiative, Project Nayi Umeed, more than 35,000 million liters of water will be harvested, and it will help irrigate more than 23,000 acres of land. The company aims to reduce its carbon footprint by 10% and lower the use of virgin plastic by over 7%.

Furthermore, Bisleri International released its sustainability report defining its progress in environment, social, and governance (ESG) practices. The report has been developed by the TERI School of Advanced Studies. It highlights Bisleri International's efforts in building a circular economy, utilizing resources efficiently, reducing GHG emissions, replenishing water, and recollecting packaging material.

Speaking about the organization's commitment towards sustainability and Bisleri Greener Promise, Angelo George, chief executive officer, Bisleri International, said, "At Bisleri International, we develop solutions that fuel business growth and, at the same time, address environmental challenges. We are in constant pursuit of creating a positive impact and continue to integrate our business strategy with sustainability goals. Thus, ensuring that we operate purposefully and responsibly. Innovations in packaging will continue to be our focus for the next three years, and we aim to be ready for the guidelines on reuse targets stipulated by the Government."

As part of its commitment to protect the environment and mitigate the effects of irresponsible disposal of used plastic, Bisleri International's Bottle For Change initiative works towards bringing behavioral change and raising awareness about the importance of post-consumer plastic. Through the program, Bisleri International has brought behavioral change amongst 600,000 citizens by organizing sensitization workshops and collection drives. These workshops and drives were conducted at over 3500 housing societies, 680 educational institutions, 790 corporates, and 600 hotels & restaurants across seven cities. The efforts have resulted in collecting and recycling over 4000MT of used plastic.

For Project Nayi Umeed, Bisleri International focuses on building or restoring Check Dams, rainwater harvesting, and empowering communities. It provides access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene, benefiting farmers and their families. Through the program, it has built or restored over 200 Check Dams in Gujarat and Maharashtra. These Check Dams have helped harvest approximately 22Bn liters of water, covering more than 124 villages and benefiting almost 40,000 family members of farmers. Over 13,000 acres of land have been irrigated through the project, turning barren lands into fertile farms. Also, for every liter of water drawn, eight liters of water is replenished from the ground.

“We at TERI School of Advanced Studies believe that resource efficiency and waste management are the keys to smart, sustainable, and inclusive development. We work together internally and externally to maximize shared knowledge and impact. Bisleri International Private Limited has been practicing a triple bottom line as an approach. We are happy to partner with them to develop their first Sustainability report. Hope this aligns all their stakeholders to their work towards sustainable development.” said Shruti Sharma, assistant professor, TERI, SAS

The initiatives and priorities cited in the report are aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Further, Bisleri International aims to set ambitious sustainability goals based on innovative business models. These goals will strengthen Bisleri International's efforts to tackle climate change, ensure safe and healthy water for all, build behavioral changes, and create an effective circular economy for post-use packaging.

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