Corbion's latest CDP scores attest to its ongoing commitment to sustainability leadership

Corbion's latest CDP scores attest to its ongoing commitment to sustainability leadership
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Transparency and action on the part of the global ingredient supplier continue to contribute to the mitigation of climate change, earning an A- score in the most recent assessment by the world's leading authority on environmental reporting.

Corbion is continuing to play a leading role in advancing corporate sustainability, according to the most recent assessment by global environmental non-profit CDP. Following a review of data submitted by Corbion in response to CDP’s 2023 climate change, water and forest questionnaires, CDP commended the company’s continuing actions to cut emissions, mitigate climate and water risks, and strengthen its forest-related policies. Within its sector, Corbion ranked among the 26 percent of companies at the Leadership level (A- score) on climate change that are implementing current best practices.

CDP’s annual environmental disclosure and scoring process is widely recognized as the gold standard of corporate environmental transparency. In 2023, 746 investors with over US$136 trillion in assets and 330+ large purchasers with over US$6.4 trillion in procurement spend requested thousands of companies to disclose their environmental data through CDP. More than 23,200 companies, representing over 66% of global market value, responded to this year’s questionnaire. Disclosure through CDP provides a basis for measuring progress toward a climate-safe, deforestation-free, water-secure future and a truly sustainable economy.

Olivier Rigaud, chief executive officer of Corbion, said, "We value the CDP’s assessment as an important gauge of how well we at Corbion are maintaining our focus, commitment and leadership role in shaping a more sustainable future. Maintaining a high level of performance over time is very challenging, as requirements increase every year. We are proud of the work we’ve done to maintain momentum on our sustainability journey, and look forward to what we can accomplish in the coming year; that’s the mindset we must hold onto over the long term because that’s what this journey requires.”

“As CDP continually raises the bar for what represents environmental leadership, the work of all companies should be celebrated, but is never complete," said Sherry Madera, chief executive officer of CDP. "We must see corporate ambition ramp up on climate and nature-positive action. This has never been more crucial."

Corbion has committed to achieving net-zero value chain emissions by 2050, and has received external validation of science-based targets aiming to limit global temperature rise to 1.5˚C.

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