Rage Coffee introduces sustainable coffee drip bags for people on the go

Rage Coffee introduces sustainable coffee drip bags for people on the go
Photo - Rage Coffee

Rage Coffee - Backed up by Virat Kohli upgrades product portfolio with the launch of sustainable drip bags. The modified format of coffee consumption compared to the traditional is more convenient and simpler by eliminating the use of a machine. The new drip bag is a small portable pouch of ground coffee that features folded paper handles that can be opened and suspended over a cup.

The new addition offers the experience of fresh filter coffee unfolding natural aroma and allowing the flavors to speak for themselves without any add-ins. Not only this, the new drip bags are made keeping in mind the sustainability factor and to help keep the environment protected. The coffee drip bags contain 100% Arabic beans high-quality natural flavoring and have smooth, sweet, and non-bitterness aromatic and delicious notes. One can just simply brew by adding hot water in your home or office or on the go like when traveling, camping, working out, on flights, or at hotels.

Photo - Rage coffee

Rage coffee has always wanted to un-complicate coffee drinking at home. A perfect & fine balance of quality, affordability, and convenience - has been their goal with every product that they have created.

The brand ensures to endow in product and packaging innovation. With their in-depth understanding of its consumer needs across the country, Rage Coffee is fearless in its approach to incessant innovation.

This revolutionary product at an affordable price of Rs 200 is a fine example of Rage Coffee’s vision of adding ‘something more’ for the coffee consumer. In the endeavor to un-complicate coffee equipment at home, Rage has taken a step further after launching a super affordable blender, and filter press with empty drip bags for your ground coffee.

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