Mate Labs launches' Crest', an AI-powered inventory planning & demand forecasting tool

With 'Crest' reduce out-of-stock by up to 80%, eliminate shelf warmers, free-up stuck capital, reduce cash recovery by up to 20 days, and increase revenue by 20%
Mate Labs launches' Crest', an AI-powered inventory planning & demand forecasting tool

Photo - Mate Labs

To help Direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands & online businesses scale up and avoid being out-of-stock this holiday season, Mate Labs has launched their new AI-powered tool Crest to empower businesses to capture every opportunity by harnessing the power of AI-based Advanced Planning. Crest is an end-to-end automated planning tool built with the technology used by global brands, which can now be accessed by SMEs that lack internal planning team and tools, prior expertise, or a large capital pool.

D2C brands and various online businesses have emerged as a favorite way to shop. These startups can scale up 4X but barely survive due to a lack of inventory planning and understanding of demands. To address these issues, Crest employs AI & ML to provide businesses with the most accurate planning capabilities to make faster and accurate decisions across their supply chain and fulfill every order. Crests' predictions are real-time and 100X faster than any traditional method, as acknowledged by Google for their (Mate Labs') AutoML platform. The Crest portfolio includes:

Automated demand planning

Automate demand forecasting and optimize demand plans for the highest accuracy across channels at all granular levels to prepare for any volatile conditions.

Automated inventory planning

Plan and align inventory across every stage of the supply chain from a distribution with the highest accuracy. Fully automated to adjust for any changes in demand and conditions.

Automated replenishment planning

Balance stock across all levels without overstocking or understocking. Crest plans replenishment while responding to real-time market signals and stock availability.

Rahul Vishwakarma, co-founder and chief executive officer, Mate Labs, said, "I've seen how eager D2C brands are to meet demand, increase revenue, and position their brand among competitors. This propels them to be early adopters of technologies. Lack of standard planning techniques and tools is one of the many issues plaguing the sector, as is the cost of building their team. We developed Crest to assist D2C businesses in accessing end-to-end planning, minimizing risk, delivering resiliency, and ensuring this holiday season is very profitable for them."

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