OMRON Automation launches TM S series collaborative robots with faster joints and expanded safety features in India

OMRON Automation launches TM S series collaborative robots with faster joints and expanded safety features in India
Photo - Omron

OMRON Automation has announced introduction of TM S Series Collaborative Robots in its robotics portfolio in India. This latest addition to OMRON's innovative lineup combines faster joints and expanded safety features, making it an ideal solution to improve the efficiency of factories in workspaces shared with people.

The new robots are designed to revolutionize industrial automation by enabling a more flexible and productive workspace where humans and robots can collaborate seamlessly. With increased speed and improved performance, the cobots can handle a wide range of tasks, including machine tending, assembly, and packaging. This allows human workers to focus on more complex and value-added activities, ultimately boosting overall productivity and efficiency.

One of the key highlights of the OMRON TM S Series is the enhanced safety features. Built with the latest advancements in safety technology, the cobots are equipped with integrated sensors, collision detection, and collaborative functionality. This ensures a safe working environment for both human operators and the robots, eliminating the need for protective barriers and enhancing further collaboration between humans and machines.

“Signifying a significant portfolio expansion to strengthen OMRON’s positioning in the industrial robotics segment, the cobots are ideal for industries like logistics, consumer packaged goods, life sciences, digital hardware, etc. for assembly, palletizing, machine tending, packaging, and pick-and-place tasks. Compact and adaptable, they can be effortlessly relocated for various tasks using its built-in cameras and landmark positioning,” says Sameer Gandhi, managing director, OMRON Automation, India.

Traditional factories often face challenges when integrating automation technology due to space constraints and safety concerns. The OMRON TM S Series addresses these issues by providing a flexible and easy-to-implement solution. The compact design makes it suitable for various work environments, even in spaces where traditional robots may not fit. With their small footprint and lightweight structure, they can be seamlessly integrated into existing production setup.

Also, the cobots can be easily programmed and operated using OMRON's intuitive software, allowing for quick deployment and minimal disruption to existing workflows. The next-gen robot-stick control transforms into a full teach pendant with a touchscreen display. Hand guidance programming helps to convert program to flowchart-based graphical programming and script programming is also available for catering to both novice and advanced users.

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