Diversey offers revolutionary cleaning and hygiene technologies

Diversey offers revolutionary cleaning and hygiene technologies

Diversey's mission is to protect and care for people through its leading hygiene, infection prevention, and cleaning solutions. The company has developed and delivered innovative products, services, and technologies that save lives and protect the environment. Over 95 years, Diversey brand has become synonymous with product quality, service, and innovation.

Diversey Prosumer Solutions bring the legacy of cleaning excellence into easier-to-use platforms for small businesses where cleaning resources are minimal, like that of a household, whereas business-like delivery requirements. Shashidhar Bilgi, business director of Diversey Prosumer Solutions, proudly shares, "Our fully-integrated suite of solutions combines patented chemicals, dosing and dispensing equipment, cleaning machines, services, and digital analysis. We are a trusted partner, serving over 85,000 plus customers in around 80 countries with a network of approximately 8,600 employees globally." 

Belief in conscious product innovation and R&D

Diversey's commitment to environmentally friendly sustainable solutions is evident in every innovation brought to the market to support customers in addressing the hygiene challenges they face in day-to-day business activities.

Diversey solutions focus on the reduction in water usage as well as bringing down contamination of groundwater through the discharge of post-usage wastewater. The manufacturing process and product application focus on energy savings for Diversey and its customers.

"Diversey uses advanced formulations and packaging systems to minimize wastage and reduce the burden on mother earth. Overall, continuous effort to reduce carbon emissions during production and the usage of Diversey products at customer places is an ongoing activity," he says. 

Raising hygiene standards

Talking about the unprecedented situations faced during and post the pandemic, the F&B industry, mainly the fragmented / SME players have gone through an upheaval. Bilgi comments, "While business for these fragmented business players is stabilizing and seeing green shoots of revival, there have been systemic changes, particularly in the field of hygiene standards and customer offerings."

He confirms, "The F&B industry players are paying special attention to end-to-end hygiene –may it be the domestic hygiene in the kitchen right to the personal hygiene of the delivery person." 

Diversey India Hygiene at Annapoorna-ANUFOOD India 2022

The Diversey Group is eager to participate in ANUFOOD and mingles with visitors and potential customers. On display would be Diversey Prosumer solutions with ready-to-use problem-solving hygiene products specially formulated for simplifying professional challenges. To name a few, there are:

- Sumabrite Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid – Manual dishwashing liquid detergent formulated with a blend of actives ensuring complete removal of oil and grease from greasy utensils.

- Sumabrite All Rounder 4-in-1 Kitchen cleaner – A single product taking care of dishwashing, hard surface cleaning, and kitchen degreasing.

- Sumabrite Degreaser and Heavy-Duty cleaner – Heavy-duty kitchen degreaser is effective in all kitchen degreasing and its applications with the added advantage of being suitable for aluminum and other soft metals.

- Sumabrite Grill and Oven cleaner – Heavy duty cleaner for removal of carbonaceous and baked-on deposits from ovens, grill plates, and fryers, ensuring hygiene compliance, asset life extension, and optimized equipment usage.

While expressing how the event will help them achieve their business goals, Bilgi says, "Diversey Prosumer endeavors to educate the professional visitors at ANUFOOD regarding the distinction between professional and B2C hygiene products. ANUFOOD attracts the best of the F&B industry and thus provides Diversey Prosumer solutions, the perfect opportunity to connect with its target customers."

The company shares its expectations from ANUFOOD, "We wish to showcase professional solutions from the Diversey Prosumer range in the hygiene space and differentiate from the consumer brands by emphasizing that our products are meant for simplified professional cleaning. Further, we look forward to interacting and understanding the emerging business trends and requirements from the industry experts and players," Bilgi says.

Future insights

The vision of Diversey is to be the preferred hygiene partner for chemicals, tools, and machines across the SME F&B industry. "We plan to showcase to the F&B industry the unique proposition that Diversey Prosumer solutions offer. We would also like to highlight to the professional customers the inadequacy of the performance of the currently used consumer brands and how Prosumer brands make life simpler," Bilgi wraps up.

Register Now and meet the team of experts of Diversey at Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India from 14 to 16 September at BEC, Mumbai.

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