Standard Machinery Corporation showcased processing and packaging solutions at Snack & BakeTec 2022

Standard Machinery Corporation showcased processing and packaging solutions at Snack & BakeTec 2022
Sanjay Kumar, managing director, Standard Machinery Corporation

Standard Machinery Corporation, an exhibitor at Inter FoodTech Snack & BakeTec Pac Mech Ex 2022 is one of the oldest companies selling equipment for the industrial production of food. They represent reputed equipment manufacturers in India and Sri Lanka and have been around for approximately seventy-five years. Seventy percent of the revenue of Standard Machinery Corporation is selling process equipment and thirty percent is selling packaging machines. Their interest lies in baked items, biscuit lines, bread lines, and chocolate companies, to name a few. Those foods that have some shelf life are where Standard Machinery Corporation’s focus is. The quantities produced here are enormous.

While talking about the company Sanjay Kumar, managing director, Standard Machinery Corporation, said, “Standard Machinery Corporation is a part of the Standard Group, which was established in 1947. With more than seven decades of expertise in equipment and technology for industrial production of food, our main focus is to market and promote food processing and packaging solutions for industrial production, which are very versatile & flexible, keeping them user-friendly too in our 75th platinum year of operation. Our company is the oldest in the business and has been able to work with customers in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and the Middle East.”

The company meets all the requirements its customers have and does not believe in only selling a standard range of machines. Gifted with diverse agro-climatic conditions, largely raw material base, rapid urbanization, changing lifestyles, rising income levels and literacy, and increasing popularity of ethnic food overseas, the Indian food processing industry has become one of the largest industrial segments.

He said, “Most of the R&D is directed towards customizing these machines to suit the needs of various cuisines to increase automation and thereby increase the standards for hygiene.”

He added, “We customize this equipment per Indian requirements and taste. One example is having converted a tortilla machine to produce pappads which produce about 36 thousand pappads an hour for Haldirams in Delhi. We have done such customizations for parathas and flatbreads as well”.

Speaking about the Snack & BakeTec, he expressed, “Being a part of such an exhibition after about three years has been superb, the footfall was much better than expected, all things considered, we met a lot of our existing clients, which helps us maintain relationships. It helps us hear their inputs and further improve our services to them.”

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