Syensqo's natural vanillin solution takes center stage at Fi Europe 2023

Navigating the evolving landscape of natural vanillin in the nutrition market
Syensqo's natural vanillin solution takes center stage at Fi Europe 2023
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Syensqo, a distinguished player in the world of natural vanillin, boasts a rich history reaching back to the late 19th century. Positioned as a reference player in natural vanillin (Rhovanil® Natural brand), alongside vanillin (Rhovanil® brand) and ethylvanillin (Rhodiarome® brand), Syensqo's legacy is deeply intertwined with important ingredients used globally by leaders in the food and beverage industry.

Syensqo continues to lead the way in addressing the expanding global need for food and beverage ingredients, flavors, fragrances, and food packaging solutions that resonate with the latest consumer preferences. Drawing inspiration from the scientific councils established by Ernest Solvay in 1911, the company fosters collaboration among brilliant minds to push the boundaries of science and innovation.

The company's predecessor, Rhône Poulenc, emerged as a pioneer in the successful industrialization of vanillin production during this era, introducing a synthetic equivalent of the signature molecule found in vanilla beans that effectively meets both taste and usage standards. Recognizing the surge in consumer demand for natural ingredients, the company responded proactively by initiating the production of Rhovanil® Natural in 2001, thus aligning with the evolving preferences shaping the contemporary market.

In an exclusive interview with FoodTechBiz, Corinne Duffy, Technical Marketing Manager at Syensqo, shares the company's expertise in the nutrition market. Discover how Syensqo’s natural vanillin solution can fulfil consumers' demand for healthier, more sustainable nutrition products by addressing significant ingredient and taste challenges to meet clean label requirements effectively. This discussion also shed light on Syensqo's recent participation in Fi Europe 2023, held from 28 to 30 November in Frankfurt, Germany.

Corinne Duffy, Technical Marketing Manager at Syensqo
Corinne Duffy, Technical Marketing Manager at Syensqo

Evolving landscape of the nutrition market

Corinne shares her views on the current state of the nutrition market. She notes the continued growth of sports nutrition, traditionally the largest segment, and the emergence of a broader consumer base for the Nutrition segment. This shift, fuelled by changing social dynamics, welcomes health-conscious individuals at various life stages, from aspirational millennials to an active senior generation, creating a more expansive Lifestyle Nutrition market.

According to her, the burgeoning Lifestyle Nutrition market reflects changing consumer desires, with a shift towards products offering not just health benefits but also natural flavors, enhanced taste, and a holistic nutritional experience.

Navigating taste challenges in high-protein nutrition products

In the realm of high-protein nutrition products, manufacturers grapple with taste challenges, especially in masking unpleasant off-notes. Corinne shares insights, "High protein products are known for their unpleasant off-notes. This flavor challenge is further complicated by the fact that soy, pea, hemp, and seaweed, for example, are unique in taste and texture, meaning each must be addressed differently, which represents a significant technical challenge for manufacturers."

She highlights that manufacturers must effectively mask bitterness and off-notes inherent in plant-based proteins, requiring a nuanced approach to product development.

Natural vanillin as a solution

Rhovanil® Natural, Syensqo's natural vanillin, is derived through the fermentation of a rice bran oil by-product. Unlike its counterparts, it is a natural process free from genetically modified microorganisms (GMM). Corinne underscores the multifaceted role of natural vanillin, not just as a flavor enhancer but also as a key player in addressing taste challenges. Its ability to inhibit bitter molecules, such as peptides and amino acids, makes it valuable in neutralizing undesirable flavors.

Enhancing the consumer experience

According to her, consumers, attuned to taste and quality, perceive products enhanced with natural vanillin positively. It not only improves overall taste but also reduces bitterness, astringency, and off-notes associated with various proteins. She explains, "The use of natural vanillin improves the consumer's overall tasting experience. It reduces bitter taste, decreases astringency, and marks off notes of animal and plant-based proteins such as hay, vegetable, beany, earthy, chalky, and nutty notes, depending on the protein. Depending on its dosage, it can balance the taste and roundness, increase the sweetness, and improve the mouthfeel (products will be less watery and chalky). These benefits can be used in ready to drinks, snack bars but also in meat replacement products.

Syensqo actively supports clients in incorporating natural vanillin into their formulations. The company's experienced commercial and technical teams recommend usage and dosages across diverse applications. Corinne emphasizes, "We can also carry out application tests and prepare prototypes to help our customers choose the best solution."

Syensqo at Fi Europe 2023 - Rhovanil® Natural takes center stage!

From November 28 to 30, Syensqo wowed visitors at Fi Europe 2023 in Frankfurt, Germany, with an immersive showcase of Rhovanil® Natural. Attendees had the opportunity to experience Rhovanil® Natural through product tastings, including plant-based waffles, chocolate spread, and oat milk, gaining firsthand experience of the versatile applications in nutrition products.

Reflecting on the event, Corinne highlights the meaningful interactions with existing and potential customers. She expresses, "FIE in Frankfurt is always a very well-attended show and consistently draws a global audience, providing a valuable platform for engaging with our clientele and establishing connections with new customers from diverse regions. This show is a platform to gauge market trends, fostering innovation and shaping Syensqo's future endeavors.”

Syensqo plays a significant role in shaping the future of natural vanillin, with a commitment to innovation, quality, and meeting the evolving needs of the food and beverage industry!

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