Amcor introduces first high-barrier, high-speed, recycle-ready liquid pouch packaging solution

AmPrima PE Plus offers a breakthrough sustainability innovation for complex packaging formats
Amcor introduces first high-barrier, high-speed, recycle-ready liquid pouch packaging solution

Amcor Flexibles North America continues to forge an innovative path to its 2025 sustainability goal. This time, the stepstone combines critical machinability performance and barrier characteristics for product protection of shelf-stable liquid foods.

AmPrima PE Plus recycle-ready solutions provide brand owners with innovative packaging that supports recyclability in historically challenging categories. At the same time, AmPrima PE Plus innovation delivers highly durable hermetic edge and fitment seals that perform well under abusive manufacturing, distribution and usage conditions.

Amcor, a responsible packaging design and development leader, has engineered a high-barrier flexible film that provides superior heat resistance and is a more sustainable alternative to standard metalized or foil-based structures.

“We know that in today’s world of high-performance equipment, rigorous quality testing and consumer-driven environmental consciousness, developing a recycle-ready solution that delivers on all attributes is crucial,” said Amcor Marketing Director Brian Douglas. “Our proprietary, the oriented structure has a demonstrated ability to run on commercial converting and filling equipment at the same machine speeds as non-recyclable material, putting it in a different class from other conventionally-oriented, recyclable film options.”

Amcor’s AmPrima PE Plus heat-resistant recycle-ready solutions for pouches delivers significant value in multiple ways. It offers:

  • Pre-qualification of the film by How2Recycle in the U.S for applications that meet the clean and dry requirement

  • Sealing and spout insertion without distortion due to the heat-resistant outer web

  • Ability to match current run cycles per minute achieved with a non-recyclable oriented polyester laminate

  • Product quality and flavor preservation with high-barrier properties comparable to AlOx or metalized films

  • Excellent durability for distribution, including puncture and scuff resistance

There is a 22% reduction in carbon footprint for AmPrima PE Plus heat-resistant pouches compared to a 3ply foil solution even when the used packaging is landfilled. Once recycled the reduction increases to 49% (Verified by ASSET - Amcor’s proprietary lifecycle assessment tool certified by the Carbon Trust).

Leading the market with the first high-barrier, high-speed, heat-resistant, recycle-ready solution is a strategic opportunity for today’s environmentally-focused brands.

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