Ecolean placed in top 1% globally in sustainability by Ecovadis

A proven world-class approach to sustainability
Ecolean placed in top 1% globally in sustainability by Ecovadis
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For the second year, Ecolean’s sustainability performance has been assessed by global sustainability rating provider EcoVadis, which evaluates over 75,000 companies from over 200 industries. Ecolean has been awarded the Platinum EcoVadis medal, placing its sustainability work in the top 1% of companies globally in 2021.

“Obtaining the Platinum EcoVadis medal is solid proof that our approach to sustainability is on a very high level, even world-class, which further confirms that we are on the right path. Sustainability has always been a cornerstone in our strategy, and was the reason why our company was founded, based on the idea of using a minimal amount of raw material to produce lightweight packaging solutions in a whole new way,” says Peter L Nilsson, chief executive officer, Ecolean Group.

“This is something I know customers appreciate. The world’s largest producers within food, dairy, and beverages, place great demands on sustainability packaging suppliers. I am very proud that Ecolean has been confirmed as one of the top-rated packaging companies in terms of sustainability globally,” says Anna Palminger, sustainability director, Ecolean Group.

Further improving sustainability performance in 2021 and beyond

As a progressive and innovative company, Ecolean wants to improve continuously, meet new consumer and customer demands, and at the same time have minimal impact on the planet. The EcoVadis assessment gives companies an indication of which areas of their sustainability work are strong and where they can be further improved. Since EcoVadis is an independent and trusted provider of sustainability ratings used by many companies within the packaging industry, it also offers a useful comparison.

In 2021, Ecolean improved its results from gold to the highest platinum rating. Ecolean’s high score is based on the company’s strategic and systematic work with clear objectives within areas such as the environment, governance, and social aspects and the monitoring and transparent reporting of sustainability data of its lightweight packages and filling machines.

“The EcoVadis assessments are also a good way of helping us to point out what we can do better. For example, one way to further improve our sustainability performance going forward is to work with suppliers to set standards and use green procurement methods in our supply chain, which is something that we have started and will deepen in the coming years,” concludes Palminger.

EcoVadis is an independent provider of business sustainability ratings, evaluating companies’ sustainability work in global supply chains annually. The assessment focuses on four key areas: environment, labor, human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. EcoVadis uses international standards such as the global reporting initiative and the UN Global Compact.

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